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Suga Cat 15:44
Named for bts suga little meow meow
Gash Cat yesterday
Minge the cat was our inspiration
Saber Dog 11-09
It just fits a Husky perfectly. Upon deciding the name I Iooked up the meaning for Saber as a dog name and it truly fits a husky perfectly.
Aya Cat 2-09
Wanted a short name with different meanings in other languages. It means a lot of beautiful things
Aya Cat 2-09
Wanted a short name with different meanings in other languages. It means a lot of beautiful things
Sparkle Cat 24-08
I asked her if she liked the name Sparkle and she walked towards me, it has stuck
Sparkle Cat 24-08
I asked her if she liked the name Sparkle and she walked towards me, it has stuck
Willow Cat 21-08
She was named Willow after the campground I found her in, Wilgus.
Porter Cat 20-08
He came with the name when I adopted him. His family was named after famous composers. He was named after Cole Porter. Also porters are one of my favorite beer styles.
Griffin Dog 20-08
Mythical creature that's half lion half eagle which my dog somewhat resembles in his own way.
Roy Cat 20-08
From the Tom Sellek movie Quigley down under
Roy Cat 19-08
From the Tom Sellek movie Quigley down under
Maybe Dog 19-08
Here's my number, call me Maybe
Kiki Cat 16-08
sounds like Kitty
Minino Cat 5-08
Minino just means cat
Pinta Dog 31-07
She has different color brown ,white spots,and all over black.
Pinta Dog 28-07
She has different color brown ,white spots,and all over black.
Mitty Cat 27-07
Anime character
Tsuki Dog 24-07
Japanese for "Moon". Also sounds like "Suki" which means "like" as in "I like you"
Copito Dog 22-07
Where we live, Copito means snowflake.
Schrödinger Cat 22-07
He is alive!
Sima Cat 18-07
Sima had seal point markings. Wifes grandfather had a Siamese cat but he said it was Simanese, so we named her Sima.
Dio Cat 16-07
Jojo reference
Tiva Dog 15-07
Tiva means dance in the Hopi language.
Bella Dog 14-07
It sites my dog and it is really cute but I do not know the type of name of species
Latte Cat 3-07
Saw a Tim Hortons sign and found that my cat looked a lot like a latte.
Pearl Cat 2-07
At the shelter I adopted her from, her full name was Blue Pearl, after the emergency vet hospital. I shortened it to Pearl, since it would fit on her ID tag better.
Pearl Cat 2-07
At the shelter I adopted her from, her full name was Blue Pearl, after the emergency vet hospital. I shortened it to Pearl, since it would fit on her ID tag better.
Luna Dog 2-07
The Color of the moon
Lilu Cat 26-06
Named after Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii
Motu Cat 24-06
My cat is perfect
Beau Dog 24-06
I saw a beautiful rainbow (Beau) while driving him to his new home with us. Took the bow from the word rainbow.
Laura Cat 17-06
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Broly Dog 13-06
Dragon Ball Z
Bosco Dog 6-06
Bosco was the name of a chocolate syrup we had when I was a kid in New York. My Lab is a chocolate Lab so the name Bosco.
Caca Rat 31-05
i came up with this name because when i was buying the rat i found caca in my room.
Scrumpy Dog 27-05
Didn’t know it was a cider until afterwards
Simba Cat 27-05
Because he have 1057 votes
Bubbles Dog 18-05
Fun and playful - small child game - white dog with black spots that look like bubbles
Bubbles Dog 18-05
Fun and playful - small child game - white dog with white spots that look like bubbles
Snickers Hamster 9-05
He was the color of the inside of a snickers bar
Yogi Dog 9-05
He stands up like yogi bear
Sage Dog 30-04
Had a sage green color. Also I like the herb
Jack Dog 30-04
Jack from Titanic
Wisp Dog 30-04
We came up with this name because she has a dot on her head that looks like a wisp.
Renza Dog 29-04
Shortened form of Lorenza.
Yuki Cat 29-04
“Snow” in JP.
Bella Dog 29-04
I didnt come up with it the old owner did
Jinx 25-04
I love Jinx. He's the best cat ever.
Jinx Dog 24-04
i was 8 and i was thinking of Velma saying jinkies
Boi Cat 24-04
he wouldn't respond to another name
Hasa Cat 18-04
Hasa in Hebrew means lettuce
Toti Cat 18-04
Cat in Hebrew is "hatul", so we started calling him "hatoto" and then just "toto" and then decided on "toti"
Gurbe Rabbit 9-04
He’s a teddy widder. We picked that name because he just looks like one. A dumb, braincell-less facial expression and a sweet, soft personality
Toto Dog 7-04
Toto is the name of my dog.. I looked at the top 100 names, and liked Toto best.
Gizmo Cat 7-04
I love my gizmo cat
Luna Dog 5-04
she looked like a luna
Oreo Dog 5-04
he is black and white so we named him oreo
Smokey Cat 3-04
Short for Smokey Joe. He was born during a time the area was having severe forest fires, so we used to say he was "a little smokey" from his fur being solid grey.
Pandora Dog 3-04
From the Greek myth of "Pandora's box", where Pandora is too curious for her own good.
Madeline Dog 22-03
I don't think I know another dog with the same name also she only really responds to her nickname "Maddie"
Gogi Cat 21-03
Gogi means meat in Korean
Tigger Cat 18-03
When he was a kitten he was like a little tiger so I decided to call him Tigger after Winnie the Pooh because he's not big enough to be a tiger but small enough to be a Tigger
Snowy Cat 18-03
He was found as a kitten dumped off in a church parking lot and a little girl found him and called him snowball so I didn't think that fit too good so I just shortened it to snowy he is so cute he has a black tail he has a black cap on the top of his head he is an awesome cat never been mad a day in his life laid back let you trim his nails he's just the most awesome laid-back cat you could ever imagine anyways a hefty 18 lb and he is not fat but very sweet
Jinjin Dog 18-03
But I got my new chiweenie I didn't know what to call her I thought about calling her Zoe but I have a cat named snowy so that didn't work then one day I called her Jin Jin I tried to remember where I heard that name and it was from I Dream of Jeannie it turned out to be the perfect name for she is so full of Personality every waking moment you can't help but to be entertained and to laugh
Lizzy Dog 18-03
When I first got my long-haired mini Chihuahua she wouldn't answer to any name I called her so everyday I kept calling her different names she never listened to any of them and then one day I said Lizzie she likes that so she picked her name
Jimjin Dog 18-03
I have a cat that is named snowy and I was going to call my new chiweenie Zoe well that did not work the cat kept coming so one day I just all the sudden out of my mouth came the name Gin Gin that I remembered it come from I Dream of Jeannie my pup is very unique so that fit perfect
Peluche Cat 18-03
I name my cat peluche because his chubby all white, looks just like a teddy bear so this name suits him besides that I’m Spanish. Peluche means teddy bear in English.
Minnie Cat 17-03
When my cat was a kitten she was very small that she looked like a mouse.We came up for the idea Minnie because of her small size and color
Ciapek Dog 14-03
Ciapek is a similar name to “Spot”
Oreo Dog 13-03
I didn't come up with his name
Juju Cat 13-03
My cat has one eye brown/green and the other eye is blue/grey
Pepper Cat 8-03
She is named after the seasoning pepper
Johnny Cat 8-03
he is named after the musical artist known as johnny cash because his nickname was the man in black and our cat is black
Seven Cat 28-02
Because I got him a5 the end of a bad time in my life and 7 is a cycle number. Also there is a show about a mentally ill girl and she hallucinated a character call 7 and her mum says in an interview. 7 will lash out at you and hurt you and then deny ever doing it or something like that..
Puky Dog 22-02
Icarly show
Runner Cat 22-02
he is named runner for he was found running after two ladies in a city, neighbor stole him and he is now our cat ja
Cilantro Cat 20-02
Popular food
Dexter Dog 20-02
Not named for the TV show. He just looks and acts like a Dexter to me and I wanted a name that was not common
Fudge Rabbit 16-02
Fitting giving the colour of her fur and her sweet personality
Liquorice Rabbit 16-02
Her fur is so black I figured it was fitting
Maisie Cat 16-02
A cute name for a cute cat could be inspired by the game of thrones actress Maisie Williams
Tabitha Cat 16-02
Can be shortened to tabby
Harry Cat 16-02
A reminder of my love for the Harry Potter books
Buddy Dog 16-02
The name represents how my dog is my best friend
Sasha Dog 16-02
Can be shortened to the one syllable name of sash which is good for calling
Peluchin Dog 15-02
because of the meaning
Marble Cat 11-02
I thought her fur looked kind of marble-y in its design, and when she's all curled up, she reminds me of marbles.
Titi Dog 10-02
It was the name of my grandparents chihuahua when I was a child
Brad Dog 20-01
He is dead
Tofu Dog 16-01
The idea of the name just sudden pop up on my mind
Balou Dog 15-01
A french derive from the bear Balloo in the jubgle book. From the sanskrit bhalu, bear.
Ezio Cat 12-01
I got this name from the video game Assassin’s Creed. Ezio means eagle in Italian. I love the game and the silliness of a cat being named after a bird. The name perfectly fits my son. The people at the vet can’t pronounce it correctly. Think of the website Etsy then add an o at the end.
Atlas Dog 10-01
He’s very smart
Bleu Dog 5-01
She has blue eyes, therefore named her bleu
Bleu Dog 5-01
She has blue eyes, therefore named her bleu
Vela Cat 5-01
she's torbie colored, a mix of orange and grey
Luna Dog 4-01
My girlfriend is mad about Harry Potter and liked the name of the Character in the movies
Harri Bird 1-01
harr harr harr i
Dolce Cat 1-01
dolce means sweet in italian, it’s the perfect name for my feline.

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