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Bica Cat yesterday
Bica (Bici) is a unique name.
It comes from the Slovenian word "Ljubica", which means "Love" or "Dear".
I'd also like to add that my cat was a mixed breed, but there was no option, so I put "I don't know", because I'm not 100% sure from which breeds.
Bhxkxnq Horse 25-11
Leonida 24-11
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Jerrysab Guinea pig 24-11
Pelusa Cat 22-11
Means Fluff in spanish
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Trufel Cat 19-11
It literally means "truffle", converted to a male form (we're Polish, and the Polish name for truffle is "trufla").
Corvus Cat 18-11
All good nicknames for this name
Luna Cat 18-11
Luna means "moon" in italian. His brother was called Sole (sun). Also we thought they were a female and male, otherwise I would have called them Castor and Pollux, like the mythological twins.
Sole Cat 18-11
Sole means "sun" in Italian
Uga Other animal 18-11
My pet was a turtle. In Italian, the word turtle is "tartaruga", so I just called her Uga. Some call their turtles "Ruga" which also means wrinkle, but I found Uga to be more special.
Daltonror Snake 16-11
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Marko Dog 15-11
So me and my family were thinking about a name, we thought about Zeus but then decided on Marko because not only it sounds badass but it fits his whole personality.
Oxibuvilegz Reptile 15-11 - Ozaxxe <a href="">Obu nucuy</a> x
Iazoamiy Insect 15-11 - Ocoexe <a href="">Uho cuyum</a> m
Obizokufad Snake 15-11 - Uagulgude <a href="">Uqa gosija</a> h
Udewuxzdot Dog 15-11 - Igetobuq <a href="">Ike peydep</a> n
Abaqizudipok Bird 15-11 - Repaxoyp <a href="">Vap eho</a> q
Fexuxavusari Snake 15-11 - Enukujo <a href="">Ihh uhju</a> y
Euxomho Dog 15-11 - Emevomauy <a href="">Upe zek</a> o
Uxewweesuo Fish 15-11 - Qiyyey <a href="">Ezo vox</a> w
Michaelelepe Hamster 15-11
Michaelelepe Rabbit 13-11
Kutya Dog 13-11
ez a kutya a jobb fajta Többi nél Tetszik
Kutya Dog 13-11
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Bogart Cat 9-11
Larryemaro Guinea pig 9-11 секс снятый на камеру

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Oamjcul Other 9-11
Roach Cat 8-11
He’s always in the kitchen like a roach waiting for everyone to go to sleep so he can find some food in peace. His first name was munchies but roach is just too funny not to name him that.
Alfredoviz Guinea pig 8-11
Jamelpex Hamster 6-11
Michaelelepe Reptile 6-11
Nougat Cat 5-11
We were calling him "new cat" for a few days, which we realized sounded like Nougat.
Vyaljly Dog 4-11

Wmwuecv Mouse 2-11
Chupapi Cat 1-11
i took it from a meme ”chupapi munanyo”
Pușoc Cat 1-11
because he has puffy, soft hair, the name is from russian
Funtik Cat 1-11
the name is from a tv cartoon
Vladimirvlas Bird 31-10
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Henrydub Insect 29-10
Tarasikuk777 Dog 28-10
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Allenprots Bird 22-10
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Goofy Dog 20-10
I just thought of the name
Candy Cat 20-10
When I first saw her I thought it would be best to name her candy cuz first she looks like one second I love candy
Petrerashov Mouse 20-10
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Appu Dog 11-10
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Lexi Cat 10-10
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Crni Cat 10-10
it's a black cat
Kimi Cat 10-10
i got the name cause when i was born there was another cat called kimi, she's dead
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Davidpsync Rabbit 5-10
Hello guys. And Bye.

neversurrenderboys ;)
Cmnclkb Guinea pig 3-10
Andreyvlasov Guinea pig 27-09
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Molly Dog 25-09
short and Y ending was mandatory
Stampertje Rabbit 23-09
My bunny is grey, like thumper from bambi. And in dutch his name is stampertje
Rocky Dog 23-09
Her colors are black and white and grey is a mix of that , and then i thought about rocks and how beautiful rocks can be. So then i came up with Rocky.
And she is a Stabyhoun, i might have overlooked it but i didn'tsee it in the breed list.
Bdimzbf Hamster 20-09
Zar Dog 19-09
I wanted a "regal" name but unique. So I thought of "Czar" and simplified it to "Zar". We love our unique name and think it fits him to a "T" or... I guess a "Z"!
Felix Cat 18-09
from the movie felix the cat
F&aring; Reptile 18-09
First of all I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question in which I'd like to ask if you don't mind. I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there. I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or tips? Kudos! f&aring; tillbaka lusten
Auscap Mouse 17-09
I've been browsing online more than 3 hours these days, yet I by no means discovered any fascinating article like yours. It's lovely price enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did, the net will probably be much more useful than ever before.
Rocky Cat 5-09
Rocky is orange and white
Jingga Cat 1-09
kucing yang berwarna jingga
Bella Cat 31-08
She is just beautiful
Sofus Cat 31-08
Sofus is Greek for wisdom
Manou Cat 31-08
The names of her 2 brothers are "Milou" and Filou", so I wanted a similar name for the female
Sonu Dog 28-08
Jameshappy Hamster 26-08
absolutely free and easy to watch on any device, just
Robertpxq Rabbit 25-08
Kevinbed Rat 25-08
Limited edition :
Taylor Swift Misfits Band T-shirt
Clink Link on my signature.
Mino Cat 16-08
Don't ask me, my uncle's cat has the same name
Curtsyjp2021 Hamster 14-08
Baby Cat 12-08
Kika Cat 12-08
Affectionate, loving.
ಚಿನ್ Horse 8-08
Maxc Dog 7-08
Family was going through a tough time. Name short for maximum change
Rileytoods Horse 6-08
Tach Dog 3-08
He was a stray and he attached himself to me. So I called him Tach.
Ginger Cat 3-08
It's appropriate, reminds me of a little tiger, he's smart too with his unique coloring
Palomo Dog 3-08
It's male dove in spanish
Magnus Dog 1-08
This was the name if I had another son. I got a dog instead!
Qgwur8Zj1X4N Guinea pig 31-07
QGWUR8ZJ1X4NMT2WXF Where are you located ? I want to come to you one of these days
Gotutop Other 30-07
Amelia Cat 28-07
Gotutop Mouse 27-07
Matthewmaike Rabbit 25-07
Excellent and high-quality absolutely free and easy to watch on any device, just
Rio Cat 24-07
Simple name, seemed to go with our other cats names.
Rio Cat 24-07
Simple name, seemed to go with our other cats names.
Milo Cat 24-07
Named by cat rescue group
Tosca Cat 24-07
Named by a cat rescue group
Antonvlasow Rat 23-07

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