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Kika Cat 25-08
Kika is Hawaiian for Tiger. I love the Hawaii islands
Suzie Dog 25-08
Just naturally came up
Shakira Cat 25-08
My favorite celebrity
Thile Fish 25-08
Pronounced "Teal-ie" the fish is a bright blue, or teal, and Thile is the last name of one of my favorite musicians.
Indigo Fish 25-08
The fish is Blue
Jewel Cat 25-08
i dont know i just found her under the block
Barksdale Dog 25-08
I call him Dale but on his registry he is Sir Barksdale Lord of the Manor
Skylah Cat 25-08
She has Blue eyes so I was going to call her Skye but she seemed so lady like I felt the need to make it sound more posh. I started messing around with sounds and it rhymed with Kyla so I thought it sounded good. Everyone wants to call her Skylar when they first hear it though.
Ethel Cat 25-08
Means Noble
Yeetus Dog 25-08
Welsh Corgi
Murkė Cat 25-08
I came up with this name because we are lithuanian and our cat always purs
Kitty Cat 25-08
it's cute
Dyson Dog 25-08
he's a vacuum
Michi Cat 25-08
means "cat" in the almost forgotten language of Quecha
Rolo Dog 25-08
He is super cute
Сергей Guinea pig 25-08
День добрый!
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Bruno Dog 25-08
My family had a pet named Bruno and Pluto way before I was born. But, unfortunately Bruno died in an accident and soon Pluto too.They had untimely deaths. So, in the memory of Bruno Sr, we named our new dog as Bruno Jr. and surely our next dog name will be Pluto Jr.. Bruno Mars was not famous at that time says my parents :O
Lady Dog 25-08
I didn't. Someone else named her. I would never had named this particular dog Lady.
Sadie Dog 25-08
It was my Great Grandmother's name.
Scottrek Snake 25-08
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Taquito Fish 25-08
Is a beta fish , he is purple, and he is always mad
Señor Dog 25-08
Señor means sir
And my dog is a pit bull with Rottweiler
Sophia Cat 25-08
I ReMeBered sophia FrOm A tV ShOw hA hA
Lulu Hamster 25-08
I like the character Luna Lovegood and it was derived from that
A Insect 25-08
Madeleine Dog 25-08
I've been told by the breeder that their niece named her Madeleine due to an m-shaped white patch on her back.
Nicknames include:
Maddie, Mads, Maddles
Gay Ass Bitc Other animal 25-08
He's a fucking nibber and i hate him
Buzz Dog 25-08
He is an amazing dog and makes us laugh. I love him as a pet.
Mango Dog 25-08
awesome dog
Mango Dog 25-08
the best dog in the world
Mango Dog 25-08
mango was just a name that my mum and dad made is really a land shark and his name in maori means SHARK!!!

yours sincerely,
M Rabbit 25-08
Fluffy Dog 25-08
unanimous decicion
Leo Hamster 25-08
syrian hamster
Willow Cat 25-08
Willow Cat 25-08
Willow Cat 25-08
Malu Dog 25-08
Taz Cat 25-08
His full name is Ca-taz-trophe, bought from a backyard breeder, he was so terrified of people that he dug his way out of my yard but was eventually tamed and now thinks he rules the world.
Havoc Cat 25-08
Taken from an anime.
Stalin Snake 25-08
Born in Georgia, he has an intense hatred for capitalists.
Stalin Snake 25-08
Born in Georgia, he has an intense hatred for capitalists.
Stalin Snake 25-08
Born in Georgia, he has an intense hatred for capitalists.
Stalin Snake 25-08
Born in Georgia, he has an intense hatred for capitalists.
Stalin Snake 25-08
Born in Georgia, he has an intense hatred for capitalists.
Stalin Snake 25-08
Born in Georgia, he has an intense hatred for capitalists.
Micho Cat 25-08
Micho means young hand (on a ship)
Ligma Dog 25-08
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Mocha Dog 25-08
Liver or chocolate colored GSD
Gogulea Cat 25-08
ironic male name
Sunny Dog 25-08
We were discussing it, it was a sunny day, and I suggested 'Sunny'.
Sans Other animal 25-08
i had sex with sans undertale and then i thought that it would be a good idea to get a pet skeleton and name it after him
Quintin Dog 25-08
Breeder came up with it
Penny Cat 25-08
short for Pennywise from Stephen King's "It"
Usnavi Dog 25-08
main character from the musical "In the Heights"
Ciel Cat 25-08
anime characters name
Lucy Cat 25-08
short for Lucifer
Luna Rabbit 25-08
Loved the name, usually used for female animals but he'll never know :)
Doggo Dog 25-08
A recent fortnite skin gave me the idea. He is such an awesome dog! He reacts and dances to music, and loves to play!
Jack Cat 25-08
He is literally a gangster! Jack jumps out the window, eats mice, and has great self-defense.
Jack Cat 25-08
He is literally a gangster! Jack jumps out the window, eats mice, and has great self-defense.
Naia Dog 25-08
Odin Dog 25-08
Named after the Norse God Odin
Niff Other animal 25-08
furry yiffer
Crunch Other animal 25-08
For my 6 m crocodile.
Mike Cat 25-08
Nigga Dog 25-08
There was another black-colored female dog in where we lived before that had the same name, but has probably sadly been killed by an animal shelter or something, and since this one was identical in color, we gave it that name too.
Bart Dog 25-08
My previous dog had died, and I wanted another one. A man who was a janitor at work and was active in his county's animal protective league, found the dog for me. It belonged to an unexpected litter that were born to his son and his wife. The man's name was Joseph Bartlett Novak, so I named the dog Bart to honor and thank him for his kindness to me. He really thought that was a big deal and never forgot it.
Yılan Snake 25-08
its very sneaky
Blue Dog 25-08
I love my doggo!!!!!!!!!!!
Marbles Cat 25-08
H Bird 25-08
Rqwqrq Dog 25-08
John Rat 25-08
It is also my name
Bob Other animal 25-08
I thought is was nice to have some pet with my name.
Qwertyuiopas Insect 25-08
back piece of American go for it live
Little Cat 25-08
i farted and it was little
Nigger Dog 25-08
Hi Hihi 25-08
hi made you a pie
Chelsea Dog 25-08
Lil bro came up with it.
Acidalia Dog 25-08
Acidalia comes from a plain in Mars, fully titled "Acidalia Planitia". The plain contains the Cydonia region and it's named after the mythical fountain of Acidalia.
Devil Cat 25-08
He likes to scratch.
Mittens Cat 25-08
We came up with the name by her white toes.
Bob Dog 25-08
Reet Other animal 25-08
Fido Dog 25-08
It was not easy!!!
Max Cat 25-08
He only has the name "Max" because the person who gave us him told us that he was a girl, we got him when he was ten weeks old, his name was Maggie for about 10 minutes... and then we gave him his first flea bath.
Vaishal Mouse 25-08
Rafa Dog 25-08
rafael nadal
Gay Other animal 25-08
I hate pets they are a waste of my time
Big Chungus Rat 25-08
he big boy like my big daddy big chungus
Popcorn Dog 25-08
Jumping all over the place jump of couch crazy style
Legend Dog 25-08
I named my dog legend becaue hes black and badass
Zachary Dog 25-08
Human names for pets are really cute!
Cena Bird 25-08
Named it after John Cena
Kevin Dog 25-08
Named it after a sports player named Kevin De Bruyne
Gryffin Dog 25-08
His name is Gryffin for Gryffindor from Harry Potter because why the hell not
He's loud as shit but he's a good boy
He's also part pitbull so you gotta watch the fuck out
He has a shit ton of energy
Randy Dog 25-08
got the idea from a book
Luna Dog 25-08
I came up. With. This. Name in the Space
Cielo Dog 25-08
I came up with this name on tv show