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Cloud Cat 15-04
a grey and white female tuxedo cat
Po Cat 14-04
My Kitten Po has a Panda bear marking on her face so I named her after The kung-fu panda Po
Tiger Dog 12-04
He looked like a tiger and it had the same personalities as a tiger so the tiger name fit him perfectly
Gece Cat 11-04
I dont remember :(
Pamuk Cat 11-04
It came up in my mind
Puky Dog 11-04
We were thinking of names (like we counted 50 names) and my sister said; "hmm, how about the name puky?" and then we all agreed the name and the pronouncing and boom, Puky was born
Mali Cat 11-04
I came up with this name as it is short for Maleficent, because although my cat is feisty and very vocal in making her will known (Maleficent is very powerful and strong and mischievous), she is also very kind and loving (Mali means calm in Hawaiian)
Zelda Cat 7-04
She is very princess like, often sitting straight and keeping her plush fur perfectly clean and dry. But don’t think that she won’t get into the fight when it comes to a juicy mouse!
Pikachu Cat 7-04
His sister’s name is Zelda. They were raised together as video game siblings!
Brown Sugar Cat 7-04
She is a tort cat. She’s very pretty. The litter she was from were all ingredient names. (Pumpkin, Salt and Pepper, etc.)
Mimo Cat 6-04
its full name is Marshmallow, but i liked Mimo soo... i put that on and my mom liked it too
Dirky Fish 30-03
Hé jused to eat the other fishes food
Lola Fish 30-03
She was the mom of poki im pretty sure she also passed so its sad
Poki Fish 30-03
Sadly she passed away but shell always be in my heart i also had other fish but she was my fav
Oliver Dog 21-03
My son picked it
Lumi Dog 21-03
Luminous snow
Ebe Cat 7-03
Because my cat was grey I named him after an
Toni 7-03
Awful Camel spits all the time
Gaston Insect 7-03
He's round, He's red, with big black spots
He's Gaston the Ladybird
Woof, Woof!
Universe Cat 27-02
Uni or Universe was her name because she was all black with orange tan and stripes and was very sassy.
Jaxx Dog 27-02
My dog is very defensive but sweet. She is 11 years old or 77 years old and thinks everyone can still hold her.
Luna Cat 19-02
we love her
Kilda Dog 18-02
When I adopted my dog she was ironically named after my childhood bully so it needed to change! I named her kilda as I live on a boat and wanted a nautical themed name. As I am from Scotland and have always dreamed to sail to St kilda I named her after the island
Shadow Cat 18-02
I really liked it
Shadow Cat 18-02
I really liked it
Sif Dog 16-02
We named her after the dark souls wolf but also has the Sif Norse Goddess connection
Zelda Cat 15-02
from the game named zelda
Vlekkie Dog 7-02
The name is the diminutive form of the word 'spot', so a small spot or stain. He was white with black and brown spots, and he was small.
Pachi Cat 2-02
Pachi-patchwork material
Mitzi Cat 26-01
I thought it was a cute name for my cute girl cat
Suki Cat 13-01
Warrior name
Suki Cat 12-01
Warrior name
Chippy Dog 12-01
It’s cute
Seven Cat 12-01
7 is a lucky number and the cat is lucky
Emmy Cat 9-01
I thought emmy was a great cat name and my cat Emmy is a mixed cat of a tabby and calico
Castiel Cat 9-01
Named after Castiel from Supernatural
Fernando Cat 3-01
He was adopted with this name
Roki Dog 31-12
呂希 - Roki
Which is Hope is Japanese
Marble Dog 27-12
His fur looked like marble, so hence he was named Marble!
Lolo Cat 21-12
Lolo Cat 21-12
Nugget Dog 21-12
I like chicken nuggets!
Freddie Dog 21-12
I like the band Queen !
Hatchi Cat 13-12
Big beautiful loyal and regal with a heart of gold
Dusty Cat 12-12
A combination of his colour matching the dry dusty soil in our garden and the fact he is very vocal, singing like Dusty Springfield!
Vasco Cat 12-12
Taken from Vasco de Gama, Portuguese explorer. Very inquisitive cat.
Misa Cat 9-12
I had a toy calico cat, my five year old self asked my mom. "What it the name of a cat with three colours?
White, tan and black. She replied 'Misa'. So we got a female calico cat with the same colours as the toy and named her 'Misa'.
Harry Bird 2-12
Harry Potter
Alex Guinea pig 2-12
I thought it sounded nice.
Theo Cat 2-12
My pet names are Greek and Theo is the root word for god.
Fluffy Dog 1-12
His fur is very fluffy
Fluffy Dog 1-12
His fur is very fluffy
Mocha Dog 1-12
The color of his fur
Maybe 30-11
Named after an Audie Murphy character.
Joe Maybe but everyone just called him Maybe.
Lyanna Dog 28-11
Loves to cuddle yet has lots of energy
Binks Cat 28-11
He loves to play with our dog
Cuki Dog 25-11
I wanted to name my name dog cookie but with 4 letters like my other chihuahuas.
Micius Cat 22-11
Girlfriends Lithuanian mom said micius (name of their cat) likely originated from mice, due to cats killing mice.
Willow Dog 19-11
It just came up in my head
Chiro Dog 18-11
Mi mascota es chiro
Lo trajeron durante la pandemia
Tiene 3 casi 4 años
Kali Dog 18-11
Kali is is a Indian God and the wife of Shiva
Asterix Dog 16-11
We got his name from a comic called Asterix and Obelix.
Tigrut Cat 13-11
it means ‘cute/baby tiger’ in romania
Seven Dog 8-11
Lucky number in my life
Julius Caesa Cat 8-11
Our Julius Caesar lives up to his name. He has conquered our hearts. He has also laid waste to a lot of vermin.
Maurits Cat 7-11
Mau is the abbreviation, and the sound cats make
Chuspi Dog 6-11
It was a Chihuahua I met in Mallorca, Spain. A lovely dog whose gender I don't recall. Inside the owner what "Chuspi" means. And she said "Whispers". I fell in love and decided to call my next dog Chuspi. Btw, I can't find anywhere online that says "Chuspi" means "Whispers."
Fendi Dog 4-11
Fendi is named after the designer brand but it also means ‘love’ and ‘affection’.
Pepper Dog 4-11
She looks like pepper
Star Cat 4-11
Cuz she is dark like midnight and at night there’s stars
Mala Cat 2-11
She comes and goes but is brutal, but sweet (acting)so she is well fed. Can’t blame her as she fends for herself as I am not her owner but will feed her as long as she is happy and hungry
Hatchiko Cat 2-11
I fell in love with the movie Hatchiko and named my sweet boy after that beautiful boy
Sammy Cat 31-10
Large friendly cat.
Peppa Cat 24-10
After Peppa Pig
Charlie Dog 20-10
My family loved the name
Maggie Dog 17-10
We came up with because I like bagels
Yes Dog 17-10
From my favourite drink
Benny Cat 15-10
Ruska Cat 14-10
She has alot of fur.
Dost Cat 10-10
It means friend in Turkish
Dipstick Cat 7-10
He's a white cat with a black marking on his ear and a black tail, therefore I call him dipstick
Lala Cat 5-10
The name is originated from a song called "Lala" by the artist "31 Minutos", the song repeats my cat's name over and over again and when I found her that music was playing in my headphones
Nena Dog 30-09
Inspired from another dog who was very special and it means little girl/girl/chick in spanish
Nena Dog 30-09
Inspired from another dog who was very special and it means little girl/girl/chick in spanish
Starbuck Cat 25-09
Battlestar Galactica character, Kara Thrace ("Starbuck") is a fictional character in the reimagined 2004 Battlestar Galactica series
Suga Cat 23-09
Named for bts suga little meow meow
Gash Cat 22-09
Minge the cat was our inspiration
Saber Dog 11-09
It just fits a Husky perfectly. Upon deciding the name I Iooked up the meaning for Saber as a dog name and it truly fits a husky perfectly.
Aya Cat 2-09
Wanted a short name with different meanings in other languages. It means a lot of beautiful things
Aya Cat 2-09
Wanted a short name with different meanings in other languages. It means a lot of beautiful things
Sparkle Cat 24-08
I asked her if she liked the name Sparkle and she walked towards me, it has stuck
Sparkle Cat 24-08
I asked her if she liked the name Sparkle and she walked towards me, it has stuck
Willow Cat 21-08
She was named Willow after the campground I found her in, Wilgus.
Porter Cat 20-08
He came with the name when I adopted him. His family was named after famous composers. He was named after Cole Porter. Also porters are one of my favorite beer styles.
Griffin Dog 20-08
Mythical creature that's half lion half eagle which my dog somewhat resembles in his own way.
Roy Cat 20-08
From the Tom Sellek movie Quigley down under
Roy Cat 19-08
From the Tom Sellek movie Quigley down under
Maybe Dog 19-08
Here's my number, call me Maybe
Kiki Cat 16-08
sounds like Kitty
Minino Cat 5-08
Minino just means cat

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