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Romina Cat 8-08
As a Christian I wanted a name with a meaning
Milka Dog 6-08
Word Milka reminds me milk(the dog is mostly white) and cow,as she is just like a cute cow)
Mixstoma Rabbit 4-08
Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
PS: How are you? I am from France :)
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Koopa Cat 3-08
Koopa is from Super Mario.
Koopa Troopa.
Keli Cat 3-08
It suits her
Fluffy Rabbit 3-08
He is a lionhead bunny very cute ,light as a feather and very very fluffy
Rea Dog 3-08
It means cloud in my language because the dog is white and fluffy.
Jameshaith Mouse 2-08
Hello. And Bye.
Daisy Dog 29-07
I imagined a black and white flower ie daisy.
Kristinunush Reptile 25-07
Sanjay Other animal 23-07
Michaelchoff Fish 23-07
Kropeczka Cat 20-07
My Turkish Van Kropeczka is a very colourful cat herself ,in my opinion it just suits her well. ;)
Dzeki Dog 20-07
My friend
Jeaniceevoro Dog 19-07
Модная женская одежда Свитмода7|Молоде жная женская одежда Свитмода7|Женска я одежда больших размеров Свитмода7|
Lola Dog 12-07
It was the name of my favourite kids show character (charlie and lola)
Jessie Dog 12-07
i have always loved the name
Fifi Cat 9-07
I came with this name from our first cat flori
Tabby Cat 9-07
I came up with the name from a episode of the worst which.and her cat looks like our one
Williamcap Rat 5-07

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Scottthoma Rat 3-07
Scottthoma Rat 2-07
Ronnieesorp Fish 2-07
Hermandem Fish 28-06
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Brucekaw Bird 26-06
Chica Dog 24-06
I call her chica bcos she is like ma bestie
Michaelasync Reptile 23-06
Martintar Rat 23-06
It is very nice to read your site, thank you very much for your work, it's great!
Vanilla Cat 23-06
vanilla is color white so i named her vanilla
Min Cat 23-06
she is claver and cute
Tango Dog 21-06
We did not name him his previous owners did
Valentino Bird 19-06
Great name for this badass pigeon
Clyde Bird 19-06
A female pigeon
Pete Bird 19-06
He's a dove
Beans Bird 19-06
Ruby Bird 19-06
Love bird
Quasky Bird 19-06
She's a pheasant named after the town Quasqueton, Iowa
Hawkeye Bird 19-06
Hawkeye is a duck named after the Iowa Hawkeyes college sports teams
Ruko Bird 19-06
He's an African Grey Parrot
Cloey Reptile 19-06
Different spelling of Chloe
Breshka Reptile 19-06
Albanian word for turtle and that's what Breshka is
Jj Reptile 19-06
He's a turtle
Barney Reptile 19-06
He's a lizard
Armin Reptile 19-06
Named after Armin Van Buuren. EDM DJ
Doutzen Dog 19-06
Pronounced Doot-Zen
People seem to like it.
Kitzel Cat 19-06
In honor of my Dads boyhood cat
Osiris Cat 19-06
Named in honor of Cyrus. A special kitty I had for 17 years
Qani Cat 19-06
Pronounced 'Chonny"
Albanian name. In honor of a special friend
Desra Cat 19-06
I wanted to have a different kind of name for her.
Gregoryjuind Snake 18-06

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Warrentroup Insect 15-06

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Geraldkap Hamster 12-06
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Richardviolo Guinea pig 9-06
Williamcap Rabbit 9-06

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Tiney Dog 9-06
Shes very super sweet ♡
Rushi Dog 7-06
Gregoryjuind Snake 7-06

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Matthewcroxy Dog 7-06
Warrentroup Rabbit 6-06

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Christmas Rabbit 28-05
I got him for my christmas present
Gregoryjuind Rabbit 28-05

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Brianzef Other 28-05
Warrentroup Hamster 27-05

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Tiggy Cat 27-05
She looked a bit like a Tiger so I decided to call her Tiggy.
Max Dog 27-05
secret life of pets
Karma Cat 26-05
i love her with all my heart
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Hydra2020-Nu Rat 24-05 - Гидра
Cocoa Bean Cat 24-05
Rescue Pet came with the name & I liked it.
Clyderix Other 19-05
Hydra-Nuh Dog 19-05 - Hydra сайт
Saber Cat 17-05
Because it is unique and attractive name he is the best #1 best cat name
Saber Cat 17-05
it is the best #1 CAT NAME HIS NAME IS SABER
Anahi Fish 16-05
Anahi bc my pet is fisg, meaning of Anahi is close to water meaning :)
Petal Cat 15-05
she is a petite cat and looked like a petal
Belle Cat 15-05
she is a calico
Miette Cat 15-05
my mom was obsessed with pet semetary
Gracie Cat 15-05
I liked girly names at the time
Salem Cat 15-05
my mom liked the name
Binx Cat 15-05
my mom loves hocus pocus
Luna Dog 15-05
she is a yorkiepoo and I love sailor moon so we named her luna
Boo Other animal 15-05
we got her in October and I liked boo
Larryicorp Insect 15-05
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Rosit Dog 14-05
the way she acts
Williamenurn Hamster 14-05
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Charlie Dog 12-05
Charlie Brown the animation
Texas Dog 12-05
It was very cute and texas suits it
Orinoco Dog 12-05
its unique

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