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Luna (Dog and Cat name)

Luna is a name used for dogs, cats and rabbits. The name Luna is popular for female pets. The meaning of Luna is not known to us.
Looking for a cute nature name for your pet? Luna might be the perfect name!
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Comments about Luna

Luna Cat 2016
Made famous by Sailor Moon
Luna Cat 2016
Based off the cat in sailor moon, i got my cat when the show was first popular. this was back in 2001.
Luna Bird 2017
We came up with this name because the colors (white and blue) reminded us of the moon (which she had always sat of in her cage) and so we called her "Luna" because in Spanish it means "Moon".
Luna Cat 2018
Luna means moon
Luna Other animal 2018
Named after the character from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood because of the color of the fur matching the light blonde of the character.
Luna Cat 10-04
Luna Dog 22-04
I came up. With. This. Name in the Space
Luna Rabbit 23-05
Loved the name, usually used for female animals but he'll never know :)
Luna Dog 2-09
She was not perfect. Her snout was crouked but she was as beautiful as the moon so we named her Luna.
Luna Reptile 4-09
Harry Potter