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Pepper (Dog and Cat name)

Pepper is a name used for dogs, cats and guinea pigs. The name Pepper is popular for male pets. The meaning of Pepper is not known to us.
Looking for a cute black name for your pet? Pepper might be the perfect name!
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Guinea pig
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Comments about Pepper

Pepper Cat 04:04
Her fur looks like salt and pepper. She's also very fiery and fiesty.
Pepper Guinea pig 22:20
She is a black and white pig, mainly black, and I couldn't name her "Salt and Pepper" so I stuck with "Pepper".
Pepper Cat 04:01
had sister grey and white. named the sisters salt and pepper
Pepper Cat 02:43
Cause he looks like a pepper shaker
Pepper Dog 19:53
She has sprinkles of black in her fur.
Pepper Dog 03:48
i thought of her coming out of my pepper shaker, then it hit me. i got pepper in my eye.
Pepper Dog 22:20
former owner named him this because of his color
Pepper Dog 07:04
her full name is peppermint because she's sweet and spicy. pepper for short because it looks like someone sprinkled pepper all over her.