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Pepper (Dog and Cat name)

Pepper is a name used for dogs, cats and guinea pigs. The name Pepper is popular for female pets. The meaning of Pepper is not known to us.
Looking for a cute black name for your pet? Pepper might be the perfect name!
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Comments about Pepper

Pepper Cat 2015
Her fur looks like salt and pepper. She's also very fiery and fiesty.
Pepper Guinea pig 2017
She is a black and white pig, mainly black, and I couldn't name her "Salt and Pepper" so I stuck with "Pepper".
Pepper Cat 2017
had sister grey and white. named the sisters salt and pepper
Pepper Cat 2017
Cause he looks like a pepper shaker
Pepper Dog 2017
She has sprinkles of black in her fur.
Pepper Dog 2018
i thought of her coming out of my pepper shaker, then it hit me. i got pepper in my eye.
Pepper Dog 2018
former owner named him this because of his color
Pepper Dog 2019
her full name is peppermint because she's sweet and spicy. pepper for short because it looks like someone sprinkled pepper all over her.
Pepper Bird 2019
She lovely
She scream at me lot
I love her
Pepper Dog 2020
We had a previous Bichon who I named D.D. (for Damn Dog). But my wife wrote it like 'Dee Dee'. The name of a female detective in the old TV show "Hunter", When Pepper came along, we named her after a another female detective from the "Police Woman" TV show - and because she's full of pep.
Pepper Cat 8-03
She is named after the seasoning pepper
Pepper Dog 4-11
She looks like pepper