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Simba (Cat and Dog name)

Simba is a name used for cats, dogs and other animals. The name Simba is popular for male pets. The meaning of Simba is not known to us.
Looking for a awesome famous name for your pet? Simba might be the perfect name!
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Simba occurs in the following categories:
Brown cat names42 namesBrown dog names100 namesPopular mr dog names32 namesMale cat names with S55 namesPopular cat names Chile250 names

Comments about Simba

Simba Cat 2016
so I can hold him up and sing "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba"
Simba Dog 2017
A friend did
Simba Cat 2017
lion king
Simba Cat 2017
I would expect a majestic lion to carry the name Simba - whereas this is a little tiny female cat ... so I think the contrast is kind of funny.
Simba Dog 2018
Simba Cat 2019
Simba is a a small chocolate brown Burmese cat
Simba Cat 2022
it is because when she was born then she had a bit of a cross on her head when she was born and she has four colours on herslef she has white grey black and dark grey she is very pretty.
Simba Dog 2022
Simba Cat 2023
Because he have 1057 votes