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Slinky (Dog and Cat name)

Slinky is a name for dog. The name Slinky is popular for male pets. The meaning of Slinky is not known to us.
Looking for a black cute name for your pet? Slinky might be the perfect name!
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Comments about Slinky

Slinky Dog 2017
Ok, first thing's first (you're freakishly tall, it's weird, you look like a noodle. No, actually, something else: ) why don't you have 'mutt' as a breed of dog? Because a lot of dogs are mutts! I feel like it's very discriminatory to exclude mutts from your list thingy. You're acting like Malfoy. Not everyone is a pure-blood, and it's cruel to discriminate. You must be a Slytherin (and a mean one at that.) SHAME! Also, your 'describe the name' thingy makes no sense. Why is 'alcohol' an option? The only reason I chose black for it was because my dog is black, and nothing else actually FIT the name. And why do you even need to have it?! It makes no sense!!! You guys are weird.
Slinky Cat 2018
shy, scared, timid, small