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Rocco (Dog and Cat name)

Rocco is a name used for dogs, cats and birds. The name Rocco is popular for male pets. The meaning of Rocco is not known to us.
Looking for a small military name for your pet? Rocco might be the perfect name!
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Comments about Rocco

Rocco Bird 2016
Rocco is meant to relate to raccoons. Raccoons are gray, and so is my parrot. Raccoons have masks and my parrot has what looks like a white mask. Also raccoons wash their food before eating it. My parrot dips food in his water dish before eating it as if to wash it. Lastly, "Rocco" is also a reference to rocks. Sometimes while my parrot is sleeping, he looses balance and falls to the bottom of his cage like a rock.
Rocco Dog 2016
He just looked like a Rocco. :-)
Rocco Dog 2019
Son's dog and he wanted a tough name to go with his cute, fluffy dog.