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Max (Dog and Cat name)

Max is a name used for dogs, cats and rabbits. The name Max is popular for male pets. The meaning of Max is not known to us.
Looking for a cute awesome name for your pet? Max might be the perfect name!
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Max occurs in the following categories:
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Comments about Max

Max Cat 15:02
My cat is named Max which is short for Maximus, which in turn was inspired by the movie Gladiator.
Max Dog 23:05
A cute old pup who just needs a home and people to love!
Max Dog 00:50
Just a great name
Max Dog 00:53
Just a great name
Max Dog 18:44
Max is tan and grey, that wasnt an option above but a very common colour combination.

We cam up with the name because he likes to run as fast as he can, like hes on his "maximum" setting.
Max Dog 02:03
My cockateel's name was Max,
Max Cat 02:16
He only has the name "Max" because the person who gave us him told us that he was a girl, we got him when he was ten weeks old, his name was Maggie for about 10 minutes... and then we gave him his first flea bath.