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Bart (Dog and Cat name)

Bart is a name used for dogs, cats and rabbits. The name Bart is popular for male pets. The meaning of Bart is not known to us.
Looking for a nerdy unique name for your pet? Bart might be the perfect name!
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Guinea pig
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Comments about Bart

Bart Dog 15:02
I have a Siberian Husky and his name is Bart. I named him this because I love Huskies but I hate Husky parents and their pretentious ass names.
Bart Dog 21:41
My previous dog had died, and I wanted another one. A man who was a janitor at work and was active in his county's animal protective league, found the dog for me. It belonged to an unexpected litter that were born to his son and his wife. The man's name was Joseph Bartlett Novak, so I named the dog Bart to honor and thank him for his kindness to me. He really thought that was a big deal and never forgot it.