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# Name votes
1 Waspoppin1 votes
2 Malcolm6 votes
3 Tango38 votes
4 Little D**k1 votes
5 W17 votes
6 Lucifer116 votes
7 Hoss2 votes
8 Buddy Boy1 votes
9 Rey44 votes
10 Blaze17 votes
11 Vinnie12 votes
12 Johnson6 votes
13 Fuku3 votes
14 Reggie6 votes
15 Killer54 votes
16 Nigini1 votes
17 Dod7 votes
18 Violin2 votes
19 Cornflake1 votes
20 Herm1 votes
21 Evil3 votes
22 Sofie91 votes
23 Kaa15 votes
24 Khan Jan1 votes
25 Stud3 votes
26 Diamond21 votes
27 Sorcha2 votes
28 George62 votes
29 Gert34 votes
30 Lili665 votes
31 Bob622 votes
32 Sean11 votes
33 Normand17 votes
34 Willie17 votes
35 Stacy8 votes
36 Gerardo2 votes
37 Mikey40 votes
38 Dick36 votes
39 Japie14 votes
40 Lieutenant Dan0 votes
41 Onyx14 votes
42 Valiente8 votes
43 Marvin27 votes
44 Connie26 votes
45 Tomas82 votes
46 Augustine2 votes
47 Antonia8 votes
48 Andreas19 votes
49 Vance19 votes
50 Stephanie6 votes
51 Joseph10 votes
52 Isaiah2 votes
53 Leah26 votes
54 Alex224 votes
55 Donte2 votes
56 Dario4 votes
57 Numbers3 votes
58 Snape7 votes
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