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Zora (Dog and Cat name)

Zora is a name used for dogs, cats and birds. The name Zora is popular for female pets. Often Zora has the colors brown or other color.
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Gender:Female - 29 votes
Male - 3 votes
Which animal:Dog - 30 votes
Cat - 8 votes
Bird - 1 votes
Color:Brown - 8 votes
Other color - 7 votes
Tan(light brown) - 5 votes
Black & tan(light brown) - 3 votes
Grey - 3 votes
Size:Medium - 20 votes
Big - 8 votes
Small - 6 votes
Nationality:Belgium - 8 votes
the Netherlands(Holland) - 8 votes
Hungary - 7 votes
This name is:cute - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Zer, Zarir, Zigar, Zorró, Zareh, Zakaria, Zéro, Ziro
Similar sound girls:Zaira, Zira ,, Zory, Zury, Zoira, Ziry, Zoar, Zhera
Categories:Popular dog names in Belgium

Comments about Zora

😺 Zora 2019-02-26
Zora means sky in Japanese, it's a beautiful name in my opinion. She jumps high which makes it seem like she's flying, but it's my aunts cat. IDK how she came up with that name but I think it's because of how she (Zora) jumps.