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8-11😺 Ocarthey are also twins
8-11😺 Oplthat was her twin sisters name before she died
8-11🐴 Gundu
8-11🐶 DaisyMum had a dog called daisy
8-11🐾 ತಿ
7-11🐶 Hugo
7-11😺 Viktorhe owns the neighborhood like a Russian mafia don
7-11🐶 Pokeyhe pokes his nose around a lot, he is very nosy
7-11🐶 Bella
6-11🐶 Ted
6-11🐶 Zuma
6-11🐶 Ted
6-11🐾 Diesel
6-11🐶 Frido
5-11🐶 Icy
4-11😺 Mun
4-11😺 Miu
4-11🐶 Lady
2-11😺 Minggoy
2-11😺 PoumingBecause of an app per game called pou
1-11😺 Salem
1-11😺 Micky
31-10🐍 WaspoppiMemes
31-10🐍 WaspoppiMemes
30-10🐶 RubyGerman shepherd mix
30-10😺 Winnie
30-10🐶 MilaIt's from a Belgian serie "The ghost rockers" the singer girl in the serie her name is "Mila"
30-10🐾 MilaIt's from a serie in Belgium "the ghost rockers"
29-10😺 Luna
29-10🐹 Chipmunk
29-10🐦 Angelhe bites because he still does not trust us yet
29-10🐾 Monamy sisters nickname was mona because she likes monkeys so she left us and the day she left we bought th guinea pig and decided to name her mona so we can remember her
29-10🐶 Dogkk
29-10🐶 Piper
28-10🐶 Sadie
28-10🐾 No
28-10🐶 Scarletgirl name for scar
28-10🐶 Shadowbecause he is black
28-10🐶 Jessiefrom a tv programme
27-10🐠 No
27-10🐾 ದು
26-10🐶 DoggyI was like 4 years old when I named her. I was only a kid!
26-10😺 Lolly
25-10🐶 Dunkin
25-10😺 Fattycat
25-10🐶 Alex
25-10🐶 Babe
25-10😺 Agata
24-10🐶 Luna
24-10😺 Simba
24-10🐹 Cocoa
24-10🐹 Elmer
24-10🐶 Bear
24-10🐶 Jeah
24-10😺 Sandy
23-10🐶 Cappycaptain was his name, changed it to cappy
23-10🐾 NoNo
23-10😺 CatVery cute
23-10🐾 Cat
23-10😺 are you.. Reply must
23-10😺 are you.. Reply must
23-10😺 are you.. Reply must
23-10😺 are you.. Reply must
23-10😺 are you.. Reply must
23-10😺 are you.. Reply must
23-10🐠 AvailiaOnce I read a passage about avial (a food from Kerela)and came up with this name.
23-10🐊 Quizard
23-10🐊 Quizard
22-10😺 LindyLindy is for lindy hop, the jazz dance that is my hobby.
21-10🐾 Meressa
21-10🐾 Vennesa
21-10🐶 Loki
20-10🐍 ReggieJock Lindsey's snake in the movie Indiana Jones
20-10😺 AveryThought he was a girl, turns out he was a boy,yikes.
20-10🐶 Bông
19-10😺 PumaLooks like a Puma
18-10🐾 Ugugu
18-10🐶 RoseMy other dogs name is lily, so i guess thats how we got rose
18-10🐠 Youxcvbg
18-10🐶 TobleronWe call him "Tobie" for short
17-10😺 Kiki
17-10🐶 Lola
17-10🐶 NomadHe's actually a homebody but I needed a nomadic friend and he's perfect.
16-10🐶 Kodiak
16-10🐶 Bella
15-10😺 Vassa
15-10🐶 Doggy
15-10🐶 Rita
13-10🐶 Copper
13-10🐶 CocoaThe color of her
12-10🐶 Ozzy
11-10🐾 Sha
11-10🐶 Willow
11-10😺 Bijuthis name means hugs and kisses
11-10😺 Arimeans lion
11-10😺 Margowdoes not mean anything
11-10😺 Bijuthis name means hugs and kisses
11-10🐶 Elly
11-10🐾 ರಾ
11-10😺 Bella