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21:04🐾 Saba
14:20🐶 Wendy
07:39😺 Rosie
07:03🐶 CleoCleopatra
03:00🐶 Katy
02:59😺 Ariel
02:59🐶 Olivia
02:58🐶 Madonna
17-02🐶 Bob
16-02🐶 MaxA cute old pup who just needs a home and people to love!
16-02🐹 DorothyA cute name based off of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz - this hamster has been alive for over 3 years and is still up and at it.
16-02🐾 StarBased off the character, Star Butterfly from Star versus the Forces of Evil
16-02🐾 MarcoInspired off of Marco Diaz, character in Star versus the Forces of Evil
16-02😺 MimiPronounced like Me-Me. Can be short for Melody.
16-02😺 MistyMisty is a great name for colours that mesh together and flow, not for the average solid colour cat.
16-02🐶 Mister
16-02🐶 Dog
16-02🐶 Dog
16-02🐶 FennyFriendly dog
16-02🐶 FennyPersonality of my dog
16-02😺 Monkey
16-02🐦 Chicken
16-02😺 Nina
16-02🐶 Charleevery posh. and it was adorable
16-02🐶 Ellie
16-02🐶 Skunkie
15-02🐰 Mopsi<3
15-02🐾 Sajjad
14-02😺 Cocoa BeThis cat is a tortoise shell in color and therefore considered the "red haired" beings of the cat family with an attitude to match. Her multicolored swirls match the color of rich coffee blends hence her name.
14-02😺 Jacob (AJake just seemed to fit but if you look at this cat (he weighs 25 lbs) the only thing missing is a helmet and shoulder pads. He would make a great linebacker.
14-02😺 NaelaIts human child name also in Pakistan
13-02😺 JohnBecause i like them
13-02🐾 John
13-02😺 JohnGod mercy
13-02🐾 No
13-02🐶 Candy
12-02🐦 BubI still don't know the gender of my parrot so I just call it bub because it's my friend but if knew it's gender his name would be Buddy or her name would be Bubby
12-02😺 TroubleIt's the same story for the cat named Sweet
12-02😺 SweetWhen I got my two cats I named them Trouble and Sweet mainly because when I picked them up from the shelter Trouble tried to jump out the closest window and Sweet just stayed in the box like a good cat
12-02🐶 Ruth
12-02🐦 Doggfhhhhhdgfgdfggfhgdzhfdhgfdzhg hgfzjgffhd hgfzd
12-02🐦 Doggfhhhhhdgfgdfggfhgdzhfdhgfdzhg hgfzjgffhd hgfzd
12-02😺 Kali
11-02😺 Jynx
11-02🐶 RockyMy dog was the only one to survive out of his litter when the heating lamp got fried and the temperature dropped.
11-02🐶 Wisky
11-02🐹 Smorebrown orange and white like chocolate graham cracker and marshmallow
11-02🐹 Blackbernickname berri, she looks like blackberry
11-02🐶 Snickerdcolor of snickerdoodle, also is a labradoodle
11-02🐶 Doodlebulabradoodle, thats where the doodle part is from
11-02🐶 Rustyrusty red markings
11-02🐶 Wisky
11-02🐶 Wisky
11-02😺 Mystery
11-02🐶 Shadow
11-02🐹 Marblebrown white and orange marbled coat
11-02🐹 Autumnbrown and orange like leaves
11-02😺 Stormiegrey like storm clouds
11-02🐶 Felishacause of bye bye felisha
10-02😺 David
10-02🐶 Jimmy
10-02😺 Baby Dol
10-02🐾 Shequile
10-02🐶 Audi
10-02🐶 Rhoxie
10-02🐶 ToasterThere is a movie called The Brave Little Toaster. Since my dog is so small, I named him after the main character.
9-02😺 Kitty
9-02🐾 Arghya B
9-02😺 Alfie
9-02🐶 PrincessCause her dad was names prince so ya!!
9-02🐶 Peaches She came with a birth certificate and in her great grandmother was a Peaches. And because she is white and tan she reminded me of peaches and cream.
9-02🐶 MaddieWe searched it online
8-02🐶 Daisyi bought my dog and say a daisy flower s i named my dog after a daisy flower that i saw interestin right yh i know
8-02🐶 Poochy
8-02🐶 Snoopylol
8-02🐾 Snoopy
8-02🐶 BomberWe decided on bomber because when we bought him we knew he was going to poo alot .as so it just seemed perfect.
8-02🐶 Duke
8-02😺 Khaleesi
8-02😺 Heidi
8-02😺 Max
8-02😺 Jide
8-02🐠 SebastiaI named my fantail goldfish partially because I just liked the name and partially after the crab from The Little Mermaid.
7-02🐶 BelbethNice
7-02🐶 BelbethHaahhahahaha
7-02🐹 Snupi
7-02🐹 Mimi
7-02😺 Ralle
7-02🐶 Stacy
7-02😺 Orion
7-02🐶 Henny
7-02🐶 CaliMy little brothers name is Jayceon who is a celebirty. we thought it would be cute to name the dog his daughters name which is cute and easy to remeber
6-02🐶 Roxy
6-02🐾 Samim just that awesome
6-02🐾 Sam
6-02🐾 Sam
6-02🐶 StellaShe was already named when we got her but she's a hardy, like the beer so it suits haha
6-02🐶 Marely
6-02🐰 Cotton
6-02🐰 Cookie