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18:52🐶 Momoi was two
18:52🐶 Momoi was two
17:39🐶 Guinnessnamed the same color as fathers favorite beer
14:59🐶 Buddiekids thought of it
14:58🐶 Lexi
06:07🐶 AngelThis is a good name for any loveing pets
22-04🐶 BrodyWhen we adopted him he already had the name and we couldn't find another name that fit him well.
22-04🐶 BrodyWhen we adopted him he already had the name and we couldn't find another name that fit him well.
22-04🐶 Jack
22-04🐾 Asmika P
21-04😺 নানাহিয়ান নামের Meaning
21-04😺 নানাহিয়ান নামের Meaning
21-04😺 নানাহিয়ান নামের Meaning
21-04🐦 Dogplayful
20-04🐾 Idjidk
20-04🐠 Doriy
20-04🐶 Billy
20-04🐶 Zeus
20-04🐶 Mojo
20-04🐶 Hercules
19-04🐊 Deez Nutfk u
19-04😺 Bootymani was drunk and found him on the streets he was all alone and other cats were bullying him. so i saved him and took him home, sinse we were both bullied i gave him a fitting name like mine(butthead) because his parents obvioslly hated him if they abandoned him just like mine did to me. so now we are two pathetic creatures living together
19-04🐶 ShalomThe meaning of his name is peace, I came up with it by a show I watch.
Its used as salutation by Jews.
Its a very unique beautiful name.
19-04🐶 DogBecause he is a dog
19-04🐶 Munroe
19-04😺 RamsesHe's very elegant and stately (and beautiful). Given that Egypt worshipped cats, I named him after pharaoh Ramses II.
19-04🐾 Ramses
18-04🐶 Gigi
18-04😺 Holly
18-04🐦 Kiku
17-04🐶 Chloe
17-04🐶 Dylan
17-04🐶 Harleymy dog is a beagle boxer and a little bit of pitt in her snout. we named her because my dad has to sell his motorcycle/
17-04🐶 Teddy
17-04🐶 Kala
17-04🐹 Vagif
17-04🐶 Duke
16-04🐰 Charlie
16-04🐾 Sana
16-04🐰 Amaresh 9643653360
16-04😺 SerenaI wanted a magical girl name but like. lowkey. So I named her after the main character in the Sailor Moon dub.
15-04😺 TomkitteHe was a stray we found starving on the street we gave a home and food but when we tried to give him a name nothing stuck but my dog took a liking to him and started treating him like a puppy grooming him, playing with him, and would even bring him food. He was a kitten when this happened and ever since he’s acted more like a dog than a cat so we named him tomKitten because he is now nether a tomcat, or kitten but all of his cat like actions aren’t of a cat but of a kitten
15-04🐶 JasminA lot of people are scared of boxers viewing them as scary or violent so we named her jasmin to show how gentle and kind she was
15-04😺 BravoWe gave him this name because he is really shy and we would cheer him when he would come up to people so now all we have to do to cheer him on is to call his name
15-04🐦 Kiwi
15-04🐠 Zane
15-04🐦 Kiwi
15-04🐾 ದನ
15-04😺 FinneganI dunno...
14-04🐶 Phyllisbecause she looked like a phyllis and she's a beautiful dog
14-04🐾 Don'
14-04🐶 Artemis
14-04🐶 Artemis
13-04😺 Fsf
13-04🐶 Diesel
13-04🐶 Tomno
13-04🐶 Tomno
13-04🐶 Tom
13-04🐾 H
13-04🐶 Kaya
12-04🐶 QuentinLike Quentin Tarantino.
12-04😺 Denzil
11-04🐶 Buddy
11-04🐍 Hoss
11-04🐠 Fin
11-04🐶 Babydoll
11-04🐶 Bingo
11-04🐠 Clown
11-04🐰 Appu
11-04😺 Morrisdadad
10-04🐊 Tobymmm
10-04🐶 Toby
10-04🐶 Ellie
10-04🐶 GadhairIt means "little dog" in Irish Gaelic
10-04🐶 Roxie
10-04🐶 Mailo
10-04😺 Jaeger
10-04🐶 Rosie
10-04😺 GretaNamed after the swedish celebrity Greta Garbo.
10-04😺 IsabelIn Just Spring by e. e. cummings mentions a girl named Isabel.
10-04🐶 MarthaMartha Speaks
10-04🐶 Hugo
9-04🐶 Nova
9-04🐶 Blazie
9-04🐶 Scrappy
9-04🐶 Scrappy
9-04🐶 Major
9-04🐶 Shady
8-04🐶 Maya
8-04😺 Sorihow I came up with this name is because of my imagination.
8-04🐶 GayBy being edgy
7-04😺 Mia
7-04🐶 OenomausKing of Pisa, son of Ares
7-04🐶 Elsa
6-04😺 Ass Holeno
6-04🐶 Dallisi came up with this name because iam a dallis cowboys fan