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06:38🐶 ChatoThey said cindy but then they decided cinty
06:37🐶 Chato
02:47🐶 Mimosa
24-02🐹 YukiMy hamster is like a little snowball and Yuki in Japanese means snow.
24-02🐾 No
24-02😺 Kikino comment
23-02🐶 NellieHer name was Noel when I got her. She was so mischievous, it sounded like I was stuttering when I would say, "No, Noel". So I tried calling her Nell, which morphed into Nellie.
23-02🐶 GracieShe was supposed to be Sophie, but was such a klutz that I started calling her Grace and it stuck.
23-02🐶 BrodyI could never remember the name he got at the rescue, so I decided to name him something that started with 'B'. I began saying names aloud. When I said Brody, he came out of the bedroom, as if he had been called to do so.
23-02🐦 Liz
23-02😺 Fatty
23-02🐶 Josie
23-02🐶 Charlie
22-02🐶 LolLOL
cause YOLO
22-02🐠 PerseusI came up with the name because of a book, Percy Jackson.
22-02😺 GlimmerShe had a white spot on her back and it looked like a glimmer, a glimmer of light.
22-02😺 Hermione
22-02🐶 Pippin
22-02🐶 Xena
22-02😺 Abbigail
22-02😺 Abbigail
22-02🐰 Robby ReRobby is a Mini rex rabbit. I named him Robby after my husbands middle name .
21-02🐶 Tisonits cool
21-02🐾 Eris
18-02🐭 Chip
18-02🐭 Chocolat
18-02😺 Tabby
18-02🐹 BearShe's a bit fiesty
17-02🐾 Vincent Pun name for a goat
17-02🐶 PepsiNamed after Wham's back up singers Pepsi and Shirley, as well as the soda.
17-02🐶 MillieNamed after Millie Bobby Brown, the actress from 'Stranger Things'
17-02😺 SambaWas thinking of a friend that loved ballroom dancing and thought of the different styles and I loved Samba when I thought of it. Had never heard of anything being names Samba before
16-02🐜 Poopoo8564864864M6J15N6K1B6J45 6N48B65355B563XBXBX XXXX XVXHVX

16-02🐶 Chi ChiI was 6 i could't decide wat name me t8

16-02🐾 Moana
16-02🐶 Brian
16-02🐶 Poppyfrom the rest of our dogs they are all flowers
16-02🐦 Jalal Ud
16-02😺 Lily
16-02🐶 Nimranimra
16-02🐶 BellaShe looks like a royal cutiepie so, yeah.
15-02😺 Mushy
15-02🐾 শা
13-02😺 NalaShe looks exactly like Nala from the Lion King
13-02🐶 Hfaliufh
13-02🐶 Daisyno
12-02🐶 Keeto
12-02🐶 Doki
11-02😺 GarfieldNot a female name. Cat doesn't actually match the description of the name
11-02🐶 Noneno pets
11-02🐾 Tobian
11-02😺 Buzz
11-02😺 Prenxel
10-02🐾 অর
10-02😺 Lovely RSHAME
10-02🐶 Mel
10-02🐶 Gitget
10-02🐶 Puppy
9-02😺 Elijah
9-02😺 Pebbles
9-02🐶 Jabba
9-02🐶 Jabba
8-02🐴 Greengreat web sit can i buy it
for $3000
8-02🐶 Bobogreat I want to spend
a lot of money with you
8-02😺 Panthre
8-02😺 Panthre
8-02😺 Puma
8-02🐶 Pixi
8-02🐶 TowserMy dog is Towser the fifth. Every dog in my family (dating back to my great-great uncle) has been named Towser.
8-02🐶 Ben
7-02🐶 HitlerNamed after Mein Fuhrer
7-02🐶 BrandiI love my dog!! she is the best dog ever!
7-02🐶 Floki
7-02🐶 Benben
7-02🐹 Adriaan
7-02😺 Max
5-02😺 LoulouLouLou was namend after the so labeled parfume
5-02🐶 MoppelMoppel was the biggest one among his sisters and brothers,
the breed is calling Kleiner Muensterlaender in Germany
5-02🐠 SausaugeI was hungry
4-02🐾 Lonneke
4-02😺 Akbar
4-02🐴 Kangaroo
3-02🐶 Massimoitalian for "the best"
2-02🐶 Pepper
2-02🐶 HarryNamed after Harry Potter
2-02🐾 Mina
2-02🐾 Naima
2-02🐾 ছাছামা
2-02🐶 Dog Femalike sheru
2-02🐶 Rott Weisheru
2-02🐶 Rott Weisheru
2-02🐶 TessI just had one look at her and thought she was a Tess, so that's how she got her name.
1-02😺 Bobbie
31-01🐠 CupiLittle sisters namesake
31-01🐠 CupiLittle sisters namesake
31-01🐶 Borgia
31-01😺 PongoI was 4 when I named him
i thought it was so adorable
31-01🐶 Ollie
31-01🐶 Joe
30-01🐊 BulutI like turtles