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01:35🐶 Banjo
24-09😺 Miashe is nice and sweet and is very good mouse hunter
24-09😺 Ashour cat is the COLOUR of ash so yeah.
24-09😺 Cutie
24-09😺 Cutie
23-09🐹 BibiBibi
23-09🐶 Scotty
23-09🐶 Happy
22-09🐰 Sunny
22-09🐶 Luka
22-09🐾 Siddu
21-09🐾 Hb
21-09🐊 Cinnamon
21-09😺 Bruhdude stop
21-09🐦 Encogerslol nub
21-09🐾 Encogersi didn't
21-09🐾 EncogersI didn't
21-09🐴 ಕನ
21-09🐾 Venera
20-09😺 Zeke
20-09🐶 Fluffy
20-09🐶 Daisy
19-09🐶 Jango
19-09🐶 Teddy
19-09🐶 Sherman
19-09🐶 Oxford
19-09😺 GwynFrom the book Inkheart
19-09🐾 Gwyn
18-09🐶 JuneJune is short for Junior, since she is the runt of the litter. Her full name is "Millie Jr." named after her mother. Along with June, other good names are May, April, August (names of the month) Pumpkin, or Angel.
18-09😺 AuroraShe's named after the Roman dawn goddess. Her coloring is grey, white, and orange (blue cream tortie). It looks like the sunrise coming through clouds.
18-09🐶 MaddieHer real name is Medusa but we call her maddie. My dad wanted something mythological
18-09🐶 Max
18-09🐾 Ni
18-09🐶 Tristan
17-09😺 Big Shithes big
17-09😺 Macchia
17-09🐶 Sharpyi gave it that name because it can run fast
17-09🐶 Roxy
16-09🐦 Bekkie
16-09🐶 Sebastia
16-09😺 UrloHe meows a lot, so we wanted to name him "noisy" or "screamer" - but those didn't sound nice. So we put "screamer" in google translate and randomized the languages until we found something we liked the sound of.
16-09😺 CalypsoCalypso means to hide or cover away and she used to be hard to find as a kitten
15-09🐶 MaxMax is tan and grey, that wasnt an option above but a very common colour combination.

We cam up with the name because he likes to run as fast as he can, like hes on his "maximum" setting.
15-09🐶 ZoeShe is very high energy and silly so the name seemed to suit her.
15-09🐶 ಪಹರಹ್
15-09🐶 Hendersohenderson was my father name
15-09🐶 Henderso
15-09🐶 Henderso
15-09🐾 James
14-09🐹 Ratshes a hamster but we call her rat. and a betch
14-09🐶 Henrietther dads name is henry and she's a girl so I guess you can guess why she's called henriETTA
14-09🐶 ಪಹರಹ್
14-09🐶 ಪಹರಹ್
13-09🐶 Dorh
13-09🐾 Pisi
13-09🐾 టే
12-09😺 Gilbert
12-09😺 Gilbert
12-09🐀 Deez NutHis big ass ate my other rat
12-09😺 Had Pet
12-09🐾 No Pet
12-09😺 Benreality in cat
11-09🐶 Betty
11-09🐶 Juniper
10-09🐶 RoscoHe came with this name. He is a Beauceron which wasn't listed as a breed and he's black and very more orange than tan
9-09🐶 MaxJust a great name
9-09😺 Midnight
9-09🐶 MaxJust a great name
9-09😺 Catno
9-09🐶 SquirtNamed after the turtle from Finding Nemo
9-09😺 OnyxNothing is more natural than a Gemstone made by nature itself.
8-09🐶 Bellötypical italian name
7-09😺 MochiJimin Park, a famous K-idol, has Mochi as a nicknamed (established by his fans). He reminds me of a cute kitty cat, and this is a cute little name for little furballs.
7-09🐴 FritzHe's very naughty
7-09🐾 ಪ್
7-09🐾 ಪ್
7-09🐶 Katie
7-09😺 Tin-Tinmy cat we so hAppy
6-09😺 NovaShe is so special, she is out of this world, like a super nova.
6-09🐾 Poo
6-09🐴 Kookie
6-09🐶 HitchWe didn't name him but the animal rescue place we got him from did. The lady who works for the organisation was driving and they saw him (a puppy then) tied to a post in the middle of the outback. The people driving in the car with her said not to touch him in case he was dangerous but she fed him and gave him a lot of water. She then took him home. She named him Hitch because it was like he was hitchhiking.
6-09😺 Summer
6-09😺 Milko
6-09🐾 ಚಾ
5-09🐾 Weej Woj
5-09🐾 Weej Woj
5-09🐾 Weej Wojweej woj is da best weej woj ive evr had .
5-09🐶 PeanutWeanut
5-09🐶 Penny
5-09🐶 Rusty
5-09😺 BeansHe was stinky when we got him
5-09🐶 Capone
4-09🐾 Aritra
4-09🐾 অর
3-09🐶 KarmaShe's a female doberman. Of course her name is Karma.
3-09😺 PushyShe climbs up onto my loft bed, sticks her butt in my face, and wails until I pet her. She climbs over laptops and tables to sit on my lap and aggressively headbutts my hand until I pet her. She sees me go into the kitchen and follows me meowing very loudly at 2am until I look at her, then she jumps on top of the couch and meows at me until I go over and pet her.
3-09😺 Misty