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00:35😺 AddyNamed after Addison Russel on the Cubs team
00:34😺 RizzoNamed after Anthony Rizzo on the Cubs team
00:33🐶 JasmineJasmine the Disney princess
00:02😺 BlackyI was very young and he had black fur, so Blacky.
00:00😺 DonnerIt was the name of one of Santa's reindeer. My cat had a big personality like thunder, which is what Donner means in German.
21-06🐾 HermieHe is a Hermit Crab. Hermie for short
21-06🐶 Candyshe is sweet like candy
21-06🐶 Alta"Alta" means tall woman in Italian. she has long legs
21-06🐜 CharlottShe is a tarantula. From Charlottes Web
21-06🐜 Fluttersthe name of a cartoon character that my son likes
21-06🐦 AdrienneNamed after a character in the movie "Rocky"
21-06🐹 Pork ChoLike a what meat comes from a piggy...Pork Chop
21-06🐶 Bear Beacute like a stuffed animal. Like a
teddy bear
21-06😺 TracerMy son named her after a character in a video game
21-06😺 Juliuisbecause he is Orange, like an Orange Julius drink
21-06🐍 VinnieItalian name
21-06🐶 Pepperformer owner named him this because of his color
21-06🐶 Winstongoogle
21-06🐶 SerenaWanted a pretty girl name
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 TlLol
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 Lola
21-06🐶 Sandy
19-06😺 Ninja
19-06🐶 GunnyThe name is short for gunnery sergeant, a rank in the U.S. Marine Corps. My last German Shepherd was named Sarge; short for sergeant, a military rank.
19-06🐾 Cai
19-06😺 Skitzy
19-06🐦 Hari
19-06😺 Bianca
18-06🐾 Tousif
18-06🐾 Lemur
17-06😺 KadA powerlifter
17-06😺 Minka
16-06😺 Piper
16-06😺 Gizmo
16-06🐶 Mya
15-06🐶 CandySweet dog and she comes to it!
15-06🐶 DuggieI love the name and him
15-06🐶 LeyaI love it and I love her
15-06😺 MollyI love her and the name
15-06🐶 LibbyI love it
15-06😺 Emmyyes in do like how I came up with this name
14-06🐶 Roy
14-06😺 Oscarnamed after oscar wilde
14-06😺 Miggyput two names together, one starting with m and iggy to make miggy
14-06🐶 Faye
13-06🐶 AmaroqueFrom Julie of the Wolves, a strong name for a strong pup
13-06😺 EllaShe's a princess, Ella feels like a princess name to me!!
12-06🐶 Nuka
12-06🐾 Alana
12-06🐴 Harryujdflk
12-06🐾 Elisa
12-06🐦 CarusoMy parents tell me they named the canary after a famous singer. Caruso gives us and Oscar, his neighbor, very loud and unwarranted concerts that can start as early as 1 pm and end as late as 9 pm. In retrospect, this is probably why Oscar escapes her cage and terrorizes him.
12-06🐦 OscarOscar's original owners named her thinking she was a male. It wasn't until the first owner passed and his son inherited her that they discovered she was a female. Oscar knows how to say a few things in English and Spanish but she despises women, and tries to lure in children to bite. She's also a very patient escape artist; she's escaped three times in the past two years, usually in an attempt to eat our Canary.
12-06🐶 TequilaTequila is a mix between a Miniature Pinscher and a Chihuahua. He is very small and super skinny, even if he eats a lot. We chose Tequila because we had a larger Chihuahua named Dewars at the time (Dewey for short). We've had a couple of other dogs, only one named after alcohol, but it was a trend we wanted to continue.
11-06🐰 Key
11-06🐶 RemiWe came up with the name because we found him abandoned in France, and we thought of Remi from the book Alone in the world.
11-06🐶 ChazChaz a nickname to the name Charles.
10-06🐶 Dexternamed after the serial killer from the show Dexter
9-06😺 ButterbaShe looked like a ball of butter
8-06😺 Pi"Because cats are also irrational and nonrepeating."
8-06🐹 Boo
8-06🐹 NapoleonHe was small and energetic when I got him, so I thought Napoleon was fitting!
8-06🐹 RoderichI named him after an anime character.
8-06🐹 MewMew was my favorite Pokemon (I was 9 haha)
8-06🐾 মৌ
8-06🐾 মৌ
8-06🐶 Oreowhen we were deciding his name, it reminded my little brother of oreos (because of the dogs' for color)
6-06🐶 PrimroseI watched the Hunger Games and read the series, and fell in love with Katniss's amazing sister who was a nurse, Primrose.
Nickname: "Prim"
6-06🐹 Hamzyi love names with sound "zee"
6-06🐶 Lexiiit was a mix of breed. it was a staffy cross bullmastiff.
6-06🐶 Suki Ros
5-06😺 Buddy
5-06😺 Buddy
5-06😺 LakuLaku (lit. trans. Licorice) is a black male cat, with golden brown eyes. Due to being a black cat, the name fits him perfect.
5-06😺 Noova
5-06🐶 Akira KuMy sister didn't want our dog to have a weeb name, so out of the options I had left (Hakuro and Akira) she picked Akira, to which my uncle immediately pitched in "AKIRA KUROSAWA" and that's that.
5-06🐾 Pedro
5-06🐶 ContinenType of sausage
5-06🐶 Greta
4-06🐶 BladeFrom the Wesley Snipe's movie
4-06🐶 SabreHer brother's name is Blade
so its matching
4-06😺 Musyai like my cat so much
4-06🐶 Medvedmy uncle was hunting wild animals and he needed a dog to help him.
4-06🐶 TotoI came up with his name because I saw the movie "The Wizard of Oz"
4-06🐶 HooperHe is blonde the the rugby player Michael Hooper
2-06🐹 EpsonMy printer's name
2-06🐶 Peanut BPeanut Butter was named after the patterns on his fur when we first found him. The fluffy stripes on his back reminded us of a peanut butter swirl.
2-06🐶 BellaWe rescued Bella from a shelter and that's the name they gave her. We didn't believe in changing a dog's name, so we kept it. We call her anything but that, though, as a nickname.
2-06🐶 Messi
2-06🐶 Neymar