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15:04🐶 Olly
15:02🐶 Thea
15:01🐶 Olly
23-10🐶 Ferro
23-10😺 Milo
23-10🐦 GreenHe's green
23-10🐦 BananaShe's all yellow and she looks like a banana
23-10🐦 BlueThe color of he bird
22-10😺 Arida
22-10🐶 Buttons
21-10😺 NanunMy mother, who gave its name, said she had a cat who meowed like that.
21-10😺 NanunMy mother, who gave its name, said she had a cat who meowed like that.
21-10😺 NanunMy mother, who gave its name, said she had a cat who meowed like that.
21-10😺 EinsteinHe has these big puffies of fur on the sides of his face which make him look like Albert Einstein.
21-10🐊 LiloNamed after cartoon character 'Lilo' from 'Lilo and Stitch'
21-10🐶 BostonNamed after the city of Boston
21-10🐭 SonnyNamed after Sonny Bono, famous musician
21-10🐰 MarsNamed after David Bowie's song 'Life On Mars'
20-10🐹 Brownie
20-10🐹 Astra
20-10🐹 Luna
20-10🐹 Monkey
20-10😺 L'iWe wanted to get a black cat and name it something to do with witches or creepy Halloween stuff to celebrate our love of all things creepy!
20-10😺 Qyeema
20-10🐶 Buttons
19-10🐶 Cheyenne
19-10🐶 Reno
19-10🐶 Mcqueenfabulous breed very friendly nbut doesnt like mall dogs
19-10😺 Stripes
19-10😺 Shadow
19-10😺 NicoleNicole sounded like calico; she is a dilute calico cat
Her nicknames are Nikki and Nicolioli(oli,oli,oli,etc)
19-10🐶 Elsie
18-10🐶 KimbaMy mothers first dog was named Kimba .
18-10🐶 Missy
17-10😺 Bricklebmy son named him Brick but we call him brickleberry or brickle
17-10😺 Apexnamed him after the Apex Predator by OTEP
17-10😺 Mykeewe named her before we knew her gender and we love it
17-10😺 Yahtzeewe named her after the game haha
17-10😺 Choneyher claw got stuck on my boyfriend chones the night we found her.
17-10😺 Pikei found him under the GeorgeBush TurnPike. . .
16-10🐠 Doris
16-10🐠 Balthazalikes white women
16-10🐾 Prachi
16-10🐶 Duketraditional
16-10🐠 Duke
16-10🐾 Duke
16-10😺 Bramble
16-10😺 Jynx
16-10😺 LuckyShe experienced several, far more than 9, near-death moments.
15-10🐶 Nausicaa
15-10🐶 ToniaCute
15-10🐶 ToniaCute
15-10🐶 Tonia
14-10😺 Pancha
14-10🐜 Fat
14-10🐠 GarrisonSouth Park
14-10🐠 GarrisonSouth Park
13-10🐶 Willy
13-10🐶 No
13-10🐶 No
13-10🐶 No
12-10🐰 Tommy
12-10😺 EchoA character from the TV series Dollhouse
11-10😺 Goose
11-10😺 Goose
11-10😺 Marttisda
10-10😺 Luckg
10-10🐶 DuncanScottish king and nobleman killed by Macbeth.
10-10😺 Licorice
9-10🐶 Jasmine
9-10🐾 Kitty
9-10🐶 Honza
9-10🐶 Hooch
9-10🐶 Roxy
9-10🐶 Gucci
9-10🐶 Balayamy name is bella so her name is balaya.
9-10😺 Kitty
9-10🐶 Daisy
9-10🐶 Daisy
9-10🐹 PeanutsMy sister chose the name Peanuts for her Hamster. Not quite sure why. I think it's different, especially for a Hamster. It sounds kinda cool.
8-10😺 543FdsstNjrjd842ufshbcs
8-10😺 Glitch
8-10😺 Groosalu
7-10🐠 Max
6-10🐶 Ava
5-10🐾 Metuzaleolladiee
5-10🐾 ﻻفي
5-10😺 GhostHe's white for the most part, but he has some brown and grey as well and his eyes are blue/white. The brown and grey is sorta translucent so we didn't want to name him snowy or something because he isn't all white so we decided to go with Ghost.
4-10😺 Teka
4-10🐦 No I Dn&I'm not a mad having limitation of pets
I dn't hav a farm house
I m normal living person n surviving on this land i dn't hav soo much of pet #----------# Richa
4-10🐶 BrunoMy dog name is bruno
Yaa i misss u bruno n luvhh uhh too
B'coz ur not here bt will meet soon he is such a creative doggy n i love him # Bruno # Richa
4-10😺 KittuYaa i love my pet n i care for her a lot after all she is a kitty i mean cat i had given her name as kittu
My kittu loves me a lot
We together do lotzz of mastiss
We are naughtiezz kids # kittu # Richa
4-10😺 FionaNick Name her FiFi.
4-10😺 Cat
3-10🐶 Rani
3-10🐶 Harley
2-10🐶 Lily
2-10😺 Kitty
2-10🐦 Vincent
2-10🐦 Vincent