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24-04😺 Puck
24-04😺 Ms. KrinMs. Krinkle is the sister of Mr. Nubbin! Also named for her tail, Ms. Krinkle's particular wagger is about 6 inches in length with a whopping five krinks! I love her very much.
24-04😺 Mr. NubbMr. Nubbin is named for his tail! It's about 4 inches long with a so many crinks at the tip it hooks over! I love him very much.
24-04🐶 Bear
24-04😺 Puck
24-04😺 Milo
24-04🐶 HobbiBAY WATCH
24-04🐶 Judy
24-04😺 Tuna
24-04😺 Skittles
24-04😺 Tarzan (
24-04😺 Lebron
24-04🐶 Tiffany
24-04🐶 Sydney
24-04🐴 Cayden
24-04🐴 Lady
24-04🐶 Cassie
24-04🐶 Apple
23-04🐾 Nick
23-04😺 MochiMochi comes from the Japanese desert Mochi 'Icecream'.
23-04🐶 Chuyia
22-04🐶 CincoI picked my puppy up on May 5 and he was the fifth male puppy in his litter
21-04🐶 Bowie
21-04🐶 Happy
21-04🐶 TullaShe's a labradodle
21-04🐶 TullaShe's a labradodle
21-04🐶 Cinammon
21-04😺 Lexii wanted to name her lexus and my brother wanted to name her alex so we comprimised on lexi
20-04🐶 Brandi
20-04🐾 Rakibরাকিব নামের মানে জানতে চাই৷৷
20-04🐾 Rakibরাকিব নামের মানে জানতে চাই৷৷
20-04🐶 Buzoo
20-04🐶 Ace
20-04🐶 Nelly
20-04😺 Sketcher
20-04😺 Trinitymatrix
19-04🐶 Hoenhimei didnt
19-04🐠 Blazename of a dragon queen
19-04🐶 Bella
19-04🐶 Rocky
19-04🐶 GusGus comes from the little mouse in Cinderella (by Disney) which is always hungry. Because Gus is a very, VERY hungry dog.
19-04😺 BastetBastet was the Egyptian goddess of fertility. She's often depicted as a woman with a cat's head, or a sitting cat. The way my Bastet sits looks exactly like one of those little statuettes. She's a queen.
19-04😺 AnakinWe would call him Anakin Catswalker, which implies that he would walk onto other cats. Funnily enough, he kinda does that by getting into lots of fights with other cats and beating the shit out of them.
19-04🐾 Dudu
19-04😺 TroiNamed after Counselor Troi from Star Trek due to her pure black eyes at birth.
19-04🐾 RosieA Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula, Rosie was a rather lazy name but it works.
19-04😺 LokiSince he is a cat who's breed was of Norwegian descent and cats are themselves troublemakers, Loki seemed like a good fit.
19-04🐶 Bows
18-04😺 Ruby
18-04😺 Lucy
18-04🐾 Oman
18-04🐾 Oman
18-04😺 Robert
17-04😺 Mishu
17-04🐶 Missy
17-04😺 Michou
17-04🐶 BroncoI love the Denver broncos
17-04🐶 Hawie
17-04🐶 Indi
15-04🐹 Popcornwe looked at her colours and thought what is a good name for a brown and white guinea pig
15-04😺 Bellawe got to know her and see what she likes and this name was perfect for her
15-04😺 Bellawe got to know her and see what she likes and this name was perfect for her
15-04🐾 Ehan
15-04🐾 Ehan
15-04😺 Migel
15-04😺 MewI wanted a short, cute name my cat would be able to pronounce. It's the name of a legendary Pokemon, which I thought would be fitting as I had been pleading with my mum for a cat for years. As it turned out, I should have called the little bugger MewTwo, given her aggressive and bossy personality ;)
15-04😺 Billy
15-04😺 Zoe
14-04🐶 InaraShe is named after the character Inara Serra from the series Firefly
14-04😺 AlyssaEveryone in my family wrote a name they wanted for the cat. Since me and my siblings were young, my brother wrote "moo". At first this was picked but we chose again and got my Dad's suggestion, Alyssa
14-04😺 Angel
14-04😺 Alyssa
14-04🐶 Agatha
14-04🐶 Alan
13-04🐶 Boomer
12-04🐶 Awdswewew
12-04🐠 We3R4T5Gwqe3r4tg5h
12-04😺 Er34Tghyfergt
12-04🐾 Fuckyouedfrvg b
12-04🐾 No
12-04🐶 Charliecjhbvcvrg4
11-04🐦 Ugufghj
11-04😺 Rūcis
10-04🐶 LisaInstead of walking she jumps
10-04🐶 LisaInstead of walking she jumps
9-04🐶 GoluGolu is super cool
9-04😺 Muis
8-04🐶 Dudu
8-04🐶 Pitusa
7-04🐶 Musti
7-04🐾 Bruno
7-04🐶 Sherpa
6-04😺 Sofia
6-04🐶 Mimi
6-04🐶 Peterpeter griffen family guy
5-04🐦 PjPanama Jones is his name. He is a Panama Amazon. Almostalways call him P J
5-04😺 SpookySpooky Boo Scaredy Cat is full name. More or less describing his looks and he was scared when I first brought him home. He was a rescue.
5-04😺 SparkyRescue
Sparky Boy Dance Party
My son came up with Dance Party
Always liked the name Sparky
5-04🐶 SosoHer complete name is Princess SoSo Cupcake and write her name in complete form
Call her SoSo
We adopted at 3. She was called Sophie. I changed it to SoSo. (Similar sound)