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20-07🐶 Eco
20-07🐦 RueShe's a chicken, yet when I have food she starts hopping like a Kangaroo, so I called her Roo, and it eventually turned into Rue.
20-07🐦 MegOur oldest Chicken, and seems to be the most gentle
20-07🐹 Torra
20-07🐹 Rikki
20-07🐦 WilliamWe called him Will when he was young because we weren't sure what gender he'd be. If he turned out to be a girl I would have called him Willow.
20-07🐴 Sir CharWe just call him Charlie.
20-07🐦 KittyShe loves a scratch on the face, and loves to sit on people instead of flying. She acts a lot like a cat, actually, so Kitty is a nice name for her.
20-07😺 ObsidionWhen we were kids and got her, we, as nerds, thought, Why not name our black cat Obsidion? (A black volcanic rock) We call her Siddy for short.
18-07🐶 Jack
18-07🐾 Vivi
18-07😺 Brenrad
18-07😺 Buttonmy cat tip a bowl of buttons we had on the table.
17-07😺 Cream
17-07😺 SashaSasha is a diminutive of Alexander, I read a lot of Russian literature. Didn't want to name him Alexander because that's my brothers name, so Sasha instead.
17-07😺 Ginger
17-07🐶 Luhan
16-07😺 Gorgeous
16-07🐶 Sansagame of thrones, also where's the category for pitbull???
16-07🐶 Charlie
16-07🐾 Charlie
16-07🐾 Charlie
15-07🐶 Jack
15-07🐹 Unknown
14-07🐊 Bert
14-07🐊 Ernie
14-07🐶 Linus
14-07🐶 Cali
14-07🐾 Maureen
14-07🐀 RittaIs gewoon lief meisje
14-07🐶 Max
13-07🐶 RigelNamed after the star in the constellation Orion
13-07😺 Brownnope
13-07🐶 Ford
12-07🐶 Bella
12-07🐶 Charlie
12-07🐹 Clickbai
12-07🐹 Hunter
12-07🐹 Clickbai
12-07🐶 Charlie
12-07🐶 Suzie
12-07🐶 ChewbyHis name is actually Alex but his nickname is Chewby short for Chewbaca from star wars. His fur color is an apricot color.
12-07😺 Misty
11-07🐶 Bruno
11-07🐶 Monty
10-07🐾 জা
10-07🐾 জা
10-07🐾 জা
10-07😺 Pip
10-07😺 Jojo Siw
10-07🐦 Jojo Siw
10-07🐹 Gingeryaaaaaaaaaaaa
10-07🐶 Pickles
9-07🐶 Dash
9-07😺 HoratioNamed for the fictional character Captain Horatio Hornblower, a dashing and clever English captain in the era of sailing ships. It just seemed like a good swashbuckling name for a tomcat.
8-07😺 SanjanaI love u
8-07🐶 Food
7-07😺 Elaineas in Elaine from Seinfield
7-07🐶 Anakin
7-07😺 Phoebe
7-07🐦 Kika
7-07🐶 Rosie
6-07😺 DudleyOur cat, Dudley, is basically only named Dudley because he is fat and greedy. Just like Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter books. Plus, it's kind of a theme for our animals to have nerdy names (Leia, Elsa, Rory, Serena, etc.)
6-07😺 Clyde
6-07🐶 ElsaWell, we named her Elsa mostly because that was the name the shelter gave her and it fit, for obvious reasons: she's a fluffy white American Eskimo, who loves to play in the snow! Plus, since we got her a little before the movie 'Frozen' was released, it was perfect.
6-07😺 Bacon
6-07🐶 Darcyhockey player
6-07😺 Jasper
6-07🐶 Pepper
5-07🐶 TootsAffectionate nickname for female children
5-07🐶 Simha
5-07🐶 Simha
4-07🐾 LunaNamed after the character from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood because of the color of the fur matching the light blonde of the character.
4-07🐾 MikasaNamed after the character from the popular anime Attack on Titan
4-07🐶 Ruby
4-07🐶 Darla
4-07🐶 Darla
4-07🐾 ತನ
3-07😺 Kitty
3-07🐶 Artemis
3-07🐶 OttoYeeeeet
2-07😺 Mac
2-07😺 Sam
2-07🐴 Santiago
2-07🐶 Nocas
2-07🐶 FelixI likethe name.
2-07🐶 FelixI likethe name.
2-07🐶 Felix
2-07🐶 Felix
2-07🐶 Felix
2-07😺 Sahara
2-07🐶 Dot
1-07🐶 Nika
1-07🐶 DrogoFrom the Game of Thrones character
1-07🐶 Sophiea friend
30-06🐾 Tfuvbygn
30-06🐾 Tfuvbygn
30-06🐶 Princess
30-06🐶 Bella