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02:04🐾 Naledi
12-12🐶 Scrumpy
12-12🐶 Gus
12-12🐶 BugsyFrom bugsy malone (movie)
12-12🐶 Muffe
12-12😺 StellaStella was off the top of my head
12-12😺 Lola Mae
12-12😺 Marky MaNamed for actor Mark Wahlberg
12-12😺 Morgannamed after Morgan Freeman
12-12😺 MalcolmNamed after Malcolm X. and the Firefly character Malcolm Reynolds
12-12🐠 1
12-12😺 Crazy Do
12-12🐶 Coconut
12-12🐶 Sherlock
12-12🐶 LouieWe named him after the St. Louis Blues mascot. Also his breed is not on there, he is a minature goldendoodle.
12-12🐾 Kalpana
12-12🐾 Kalpana
12-12🐾 Kalpana
12-12🐾 Kalpana
12-12🐾 Kalpana
12-12🐾 Kalpana
11-12🐠 Red
11-12🐦 Nono other PETS
11-12🐶 Balieyhe had blue eyes but he is a red nose pit bull and we just said bailey blue
11-12🐶 Baliey
11-12😺 HardisonCharacter from a favored television show
11-12🐶 Sadie
11-12🐶 BubblesBased off of t.v media
11-12🐾 Nahiyan
11-12🐾 Nahiyan
11-12🐶 Maggie
11-12🐶 Remy
11-12🐶 BuddyBuddy is a mix between a standard poodle and a black lab -- labradoodle
11-12🐶 Oliver
11-12🐶 GingerFor the color: My dog is mostly white, and he has apricot color on his paws and ears.
10-12😺 KaraKara means dark
10-12🐶 Liuksisawesome lol
10-12🐶 Missy
10-12🐶 Snoopy
10-12🐶 ChuchiSaid it as a cute thing and he responded ti it ever since.
10-12🐶 Dogi
10-12🐶 T-BoneMy brother and I used to watch Clifford the big red dog, and one of Clifford's friends was named T-Bone, so we decided to call our dog that for some reason.
9-12😺 Ziggy
9-12😺 PuschkinGiven by previous owner. Puschkin had a sister called Smirnoff. I guess the previous owner liked vodka.
9-12🐾 না
8-12🐶 ReggieIts after a biker
8-12🐾 Sirien
8-12🐾 None
8-12🐶 Coco
8-12🐶 NuggetHe's cute like a nuggete.
8-12🐶 Benny
8-12🐶 OsoOso is Spanish for bear
7-12😺 Sam
7-12🐾 KeithDORKY ...
7-12😺 LauralieLaural is a Certified Service Animal
7-12🐶 Snickers
7-12🐜 Nategay
7-12🐶 Gina
7-12🐾 Yanty
7-12😺 Shadow
6-12🐶 Dolly
5-12😺 Luna
5-12🐶 Sophie
5-12🐦 Charlie
5-12🐹 Mollie
5-12🐹 Felix
5-12🐹 Maisie
4-12🐶 Grace
4-12🐶 Jumpy
4-12🐶 Racer
4-12😺 Gemma
4-12🐶 KiwiSmall round and fuzzy, just like a kiwi
4-12😺 Syd
4-12🐶 Toby
3-12🐶 Mianot really
3-12🐶 ThumperHe jumps really high like Thumper from the movie bambie
3-12🐾 শ্
3-12😺 ZikoCool name, that's it
2-12🐶 Maple
2-12🐀 Tibswe couldnt think of a name so we called her tiny baby rat until we shortened that to tibs. i then also lengthened it to tiberius when shes being bad
2-12🐀 Sunshineshe stepped on my phone and played the song 'you are my sunshine'
2-12😺 Mao Maoits just chinese for cat/kitty, he had this name when we got him
2-12😺 Eddie
2-12🐦 Pako
2-12🐶 Jhay
1-12🐶 Holly
1-12🐶 Chico
1-12🐶 Chico
1-12🐶 Chico
1-12🐴 Mehran I
1-12🐶 Hershey
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30-11😺 Max
30-11🐴 Prince
30-11😺 Nebula
30-11😺 Lhlojust by chance
29-11🐾 KikoWe looked up a list of suitable names on the net and eliminated others until we were left with Kiko. It just seemed to suit and was similar to another cat we used to know called Titio
29-11😺 Tagfrom a book