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02:44😺 SalemSabrina the teenage witch
02:43😺 PepperCause he looks like a pepper shaker
16-10🐶 Boba
16-10🐶 Chole
16-10🐾 EllieShe's a ferret
16-10😺 Luna
16-10🐠 Minerva Beta Fish
16-10😺 Percy
16-10🐶 Fletcher
15-10🐹 Rusty
15-10🐹 BumbleBumble was technically black and white with a stripe of yellow across one eye, this with the fact he was very rotund meant he looked like an overgrown bumble-bee, hence the name
15-10😺 Pepper
15-10😺 Stanley
15-10😺 Fergus
15-10🐶 PopoNickname
15-10😺 Misty
15-10🐠 Flashthe secoed i put flash on the table he did 10 laps in 3 secondes
15-10🐴 Hwllly
15-10🐴 Hwllly
15-10🐾 Snowball
15-10🐶 Snowball
14-10🐶 Cokie
14-10🐶 HardikHi
14-10🐶 HardikHi
14-10🐶 HardikHi
14-10😺 TidoI like became one and only with this name in any case
13-10🐶 MaddoxSon did - he wanted a people name for his dog. :)
13-10🐾 Katu
12-10😺 JomoSHortened name of Joe Montana
12-10🐶 Cody
11-10🐾 Coco
11-10🐶 Dog
11-10🐶 Pershouswell um my mom get the name
11-10🐶 Roxanne
11-10🐶 Roxanne
11-10🐶 Roxanne
11-10😺 Dory
10-10🐶 Rosie
10-10🐶 Kasllydit is too short
10-10🐾 Nahid
9-10🐶 Rousseau
9-10🐶 IggyIt's the simplified version of the UK in Japanese "Igirisu".
9-10🐠 KaplanUm.. because it's cool
9-10🐶 SiddhartMy father is Buddhist. We call Siddharha "Sid" for short.
9-10🐭 SaltHe's black and white, I couldn't name him Pepper because that seemed a little feminine, so Salt it is!
9-10😺 Vernbecause we like weird names and he looked like a vern
8-10🐶 Penny
7-10😺 Ash
7-10😺 Ash
6-10🐶 Charlie
6-10🐍 GertIts a cool snake name..
6-10🐶 Djukoits actually a swarf snautser butt you didn´t mention it in the list.

His name was actually Djuke, but Djuko has more syllables, so you can call nicer or something, my mom made it up.
5-10🐶 Bobo
5-10🐶 Ginger
4-10🐶 Beatrice
4-10😺 Dogdad
4-10🐶 Dolly
3-10🐾 Na
3-10🐾 Rivi
3-10🐶 Thunder
2-10🐶 Oliver
2-10😺 Fluffy
2-10🐶 SimbaA friend did
2-10🐾 No Pet
1-10🐶 Diesel
1-10🐦 Mimi
1-10🐶 Sika
1-10🐶 George
30-09🐶 Theo
30-09🐶 LoveIt was my boyfriend who gave this name to him, I thought it was very beautiful !!!
30-09🐠 Steve
30-09🐶 Jojo
30-09🐶 Nala
30-09😺 Backa
30-09🐶 PuppyAll puppies complain a little, some a LOT. Tips & advice that will help you to keep your puppy quieter and calmer.
30-09🐶 PuppyPuppy I love you all..
30-09🐶 PuppyThis question, which when asked always occurs at the beginning of the interview, is a predictable opportunity to craft an engaging, intriguing executive summary of who you are professionally and why you are there. While there is no hard-and-fast rule as to how long it should be, let's say it should last up to a minute. If you are given this opportunity, turn it to your advantage to establish momentum.
30-09🐶 Puppy
29-09🐾 Roselind
29-09🐶 Eboney
29-09🐦 Noel
29-09🐶 Brutus
29-09🐶 MafaldaIt's name of a charactor I admire.
28-09🐀 Bubbles
28-09😺 Bonnie
28-09🐾 মু
28-09🐹 TotoroMy little brother and I love My Neighbor Totoro, so we named our dwarf after Totoro!
28-09🐹 SpiderpiIt was a play on Spiderpig. Unfortunately the guinea pig was a result of inbreeding and was born the smallest of the litter & was born without eyes. I wanted him to have a cool name. We just called him Pip(squeak) from the Spiderpip. He unfortunately only survived a few days, but he had a good life in those few days.
28-09🐾 DimitriHonestly, it was a very loose reference to an actor that doesn't even go by that name (name change or something) but it stuck and now I've got an awesome ferret named Dimitri
27-09🐶 Summerher fur reminded me of the summer sun
26-09😺 Sam
26-09🐶 Roxy
26-09🐶 MeatballHe's tubby and his head is big and square and doofy. Meatball was perfect.
25-09😺 Mince
24-09😺 MittensHe is a gray tabby with a blaze, a white chest, and a white belly lined with tan. I came up with the name because he has white paw that look like mittens. He was previously a stray.
24-09🐰 DeystroyIt's black fur made me remember a youtuber named 'PopularMMOs'.
24-09🐠 BubblesIt blows bubbles when I got it
24-09🐶 Hans
24-09🐶 Topi"The fox and the hound" -movie is "Topi ja Tessu" in Finnish and our cousins' dog was named Tessu so we decided to take the other name :)
23-09🐶 Veela