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09:55😺 Comet
09:54🐦 Jessica
09:53😺 Kalisi
18-08🐶 Trixie
18-08🐾 Tasnova
17-08🐦 Zeus
17-08🐶 OmarMy mom named him after her childhood crush.
17-08🐶 CocoShe's brown, like Cocoa.
17-08🐶 MitziI like to give my pets human names.
17-08🐶 MitziI like to give my pets human names.
16-08😺 Bibbs
16-08😺 Callie
16-08😺 Climber
16-08🐶 Lily LunI got it from Harry Potter
14-08🐜 Blah BlaFaQ u all !
13-08😺 JulietI was addicted to Taylor Swift when she was born. Her brother's name was Boris.
13-08🐜 Evaristmy star is scorpion
12-08😺 Thor
12-08🐶 Pamuk
12-08🐶 Spencer
11-08🐶 TommyHe is very sweet and charming. He understands my language and always alert me from any unseen danger
10-08😺 Ben
10-08😺 Ben
10-08🐶 MelindaThank You I Love It
10-08🐶 IndieRandomly
8-08😺 Smokey
8-08🐶 Piper
8-08🐾 Blacky
7-08😺 Dave ButHe is named after David Allen Butz a football player for the Redskins
7-08😺 D.c
6-08🐜 ChungHe's a Chinese Mantis and "Chung" is a Chinese name.
6-08🐶 CanelloCinnamon in Spanish is "canela."
6-08🐶 FluffyShe fluffy so I called her "fluffy."
6-08🐹 Olivia
6-08🐹 Spekkie
6-08🐶 Bram
5-08🐶 Shaggy
5-08🐶 Browny
5-08🐶 Whity
5-08🐶 Blacky
5-08🐶 Rocky
5-08🐠 Mr.bubblIt was a fish and I was 8.
5-08😺 Puchki
5-08🐀 Ben
5-08🐶 Buddy
4-08🐍 Diamond
4-08🐶 Shubham
3-08🐶 Candy
3-08🐶 GelertThe dog who protected a baby from a wolf (Words you don't have listed: Stoic, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, legendary)
3-08🐾 Loekie
2-08🐶 Muskamuska hounds are always ready
woof woof woof woof woof woof woof
2-08🐾 Yout Int
2-08🐶 JesseLooked at the birth notices in the paper and that name looked good
1-08🐶 Dwire
1-08😺 Hamburge
1-08😺 CatI like here
1-08😺 CatI like here
1-08😺 CatI like here
1-08🐶 Shivan
31-07🐦 RaselGreen aria
31-07🐦 RaselGreen aria
31-07🐾 আর
31-07🐾 আর
31-07🐾 আর
31-07🐾 আর
31-07🐾 আর
30-07🐶 Ace
30-07🐶 Chancelo
30-07🐶 Koda
30-07🐶 AugustusAugustus from the movie Lonesome Dove
29-07😺 PrincessIts not a name its a title. She has unreasonable demands at all hours of the day, treats me as if I am a peasant, changes her routine at no notice, kills the neighbours, etc.
29-07🐶 JunoIt just fit her.
28-07🐰 Stampert
28-07😺 Thorin
27-07😺 Elvis
27-07🐶 MedoMedo = Teddy Bear, Little Bear
27-07🐾 তা
26-07🐶 Paris
25-07🐦 Sarah
25-07🐶 Murphy
24-07🐶 JodyJody is a labradoudle, it's not on the list
23-07🐶 Truman
23-07😺 Martha
23-07🐶 Grace
21-07🐶 OliverNickname: Ollie
20-07😺 ShivaHe is named after the Hindu deity of creation and destruction.
20-07🐶 Sadie-GrSadie-Grace sounds much like "Saving Grace" in cadence. Also Sadie is the diminutive of Sarah, which means princess and her name more or less means "Princess Grace"
19-07🐶 Alan
18-07🐶 No
18-07🐶 No
18-07😺 MiaMia is elegant (like her mum xhesi)and so friendly beauty too
18-07😺 KikiKiki ia so cute and so friendly
18-07😺 DogI came up with this name because he is so funny ,big...and he likes her name because is so short but he don't know what the name mean...
18-07😺 XhesiXhesi is so elegant and is the big cat that I have is 5 years...she has do a lot of kittens....and I have a lot of cats
17-07🐶 Sammy
17-07🐦 SalikSalimsalik
16-07🐾 রনমীর রনক
16-07😺 Toulouse
16-07🐶 Lady
16-07😺 Leo