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16:00😺 Chaima
01:06🐶 BlackieHe's a sharp-black spitz dog. But his face and legs are gold-brown. Shall his name be spelled as Blacky instead of Blackie, as he is a male dog?
24-03😺 Gaegil
24-03🐶 Mixie
23-03🐶 Lupita
23-03🐶 Lupita
23-03🐶 Eli
23-03🐶 RoxySeemed to fit her cute, but mischievous personality.
23-03🐠 KlausGoldfish named after the goldfish on American Dad
23-03😺 Manoi love you mano
22-03😺 Dempsey
22-03😺 Nikolai
22-03😺 Dutchess
22-03🐶 JarvisIt was the name on his pedigree.
21-03🐶 Lincolnshe is named after the Philadelphia Eagles football field haha
21-03😺 Billu
21-03🐶 Spike
20-03🐶 Kira
20-03🐶 Drthuftuuyjkhjkjh
20-03🐾 Estherlike
20-03😺 Molly
20-03🐶 MileyMiley Cyrus, bitch
20-03🐠 DumbledoDumbledore is a kickass betta fish. He was named after Albus Dumbledore, in Harry Potter. He is blue, purple, and green and definitely not a muggle fish.
20-03😺 Oliver
20-03🐶 Riley
20-03🐶 Moneyi like money
20-03🐶 Riley
20-03🐍 Kaa
20-03🐶 Milly
20-03🐶 Oscar
19-03🐶 Viki
19-03🐶 Indi
19-03🐶 Wings
19-03🐶 Wings
18-03🐾 Oscar
18-03🐶 SenjaDusk in Malay
18-03😺 Peanut
18-03😺 RileyLiving the life of riley
18-03😺 Risser
18-03😺 Mouse
16-03🐶 Keegan
16-03😺 Kitty
16-03😺 Anna
16-03🐶 Takawbecause his nice being dog
16-03🐶 Rocky
16-03🐾 Rocky
14-03🐹 SpiceShe loves baby carrots as a snack.
14-03🐠 JasperHe begs for food even though fishes aren't supposed to do that. If a fish could have personality, he would. I love my mol fish son.
14-03😺 TwinksShe's very smol and attempts to take everyone's food. She has the spirit of my dead dog inside of her body.
14-03🐶 ChocolatVery Fat Doggo
14-03🐶 TejanoMy dog is dead.
14-03🐶 AngelMy dog is retarded
14-03🐹 Frank
14-03🐹 Real Nam
14-03🐾 MelinaI like this name melona my mom had kept it for my cat and it's a female and girls have this name
14-03😺 Melina
14-03🐾 Melina
14-03🐾 Melina
14-03🐶 Scooter
14-03😺 IggyNamed after the character Iggy from Maximum Ride
14-03😺 SunnyYou are my sunshine....
14-03😺 JarvisIron Man's butler
14-03😺 Bandit
14-03🐶 Taco
13-03😺 Tom
13-03🐶 Baily
13-03🐦 Rico
13-03🐾 অর
12-03🐾 Na
12-03🐶 Rascal
12-03🐶 Pepsi
11-03🐶 Coco
11-03🐠 Cloudy
11-03🐶 Dezihe was named after desi arnez
11-03😺 Pepper
10-03🐜 PawniI was in a pawn shop, and I liked the name.
10-03🐶 Peluchin
9-03😺 RavioliWe named her after a can of pasta! She ended up having kittens and we named all five of them after Italian noodles!
9-03🐾 Rhino
9-03🐶 SamwiseSamwise was already named Samwise when we adopted him from the shelter. We kept the name because my mom is a big fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series!
9-03😺 SpitzWhen she was a kitten she always tried to be intimidating. She would spit and hiss and growl at everything. She has carried this behavior well into her adult years.
9-03😺 Old Man Old Man Smoke has always been wise beyond his years. He is strong, and is very brave and is protective of his family and homestead.
9-03🐶 Shy
9-03🐶 Shy
9-03🐶 OdysseusOdysseus (Ody for short) was named after the Greek warrior Odysseus from Homer's The Odyssey! Funnily enough, however, he turned out to have a personality less like brave and powerful Odysseus and more like Odie from Garfield!
8-03🐶 Coc
8-03🐶 Sidna
8-03😺 Cat
8-03🐾 Abbram
8-03🐾 Abbram
8-03🐾 Abbram
8-03🐾 Abbram
7-03🐶 Ba'He a blue heeler and an American shepherd
7-03🐾 Uiuuiuiuuooiiui0y0yyyoyuouuouou]
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7-03🐶 Toby
7-03🐶 Toby
6-03🐶 Nova
6-03🐶 Nova
6-03🐶 Nova
6-03🐶 Negus