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Mike Cat 21-05
Nigga Dog 19-05
There was another black-colored female dog in where we lived before that had the same name, but has probably sadly been killed by an animal shelter or something, and since this one was identical in color, we gave it that name too.
Bart Dog 16-05
My previous dog had died, and I wanted another one. A man who was a janitor at work and was active in his county's animal protective league, found the dog for me. It belonged to an unexpected litter that were born to his son and his wife. The man's name was Joseph Bartlett Novak, so I named the dog Bart to honor and thank him for his kindness to me. He really thought that was a big deal and never forgot it.
Yılan Snake 16-05
its very sneaky
Blue Dog 15-05
I love my doggo!!!!!!!!!!!
Marbles Cat 15-05
H Bird 11-05
Rqwqrq Dog 11-05
John Rat 11-05
It is also my name
Bob Other animal 11-05
I thought is was nice to have some pet with my name.
Qwertyuiopas Insect 10-05
back piece of American go for it live
Little Cat 10-05
i farted and it was little
Nigger Dog 9-05
Hi Hihi 9-05
hi made you a pie
Chelsea Dog 8-05
Lil bro came up with it.
Acidalia Dog 8-05
Acidalia comes from a plain in Mars, fully titled "Acidalia Planitia". The plain contains the Cydonia region and it's named after the mythical fountain of Acidalia.
Devil Cat 8-05
He likes to scratch.
Mittens Cat 8-05
We came up with the name by her white toes.
Bob Dog 8-05
Reet Other animal 7-05
Fido Dog 7-05
It was not easy!!!
Max Cat 7-05
He only has the name "Max" because the person who gave us him told us that he was a girl, we got him when he was ten weeks old, his name was Maggie for about 10 minutes... and then we gave him his first flea bath.
Vaishal Mouse 5-05
Rafa Dog 3-05
rafael nadal
Gay Other animal 3-05
I hate pets they are a waste of my time
Big Chungus Rat 3-05
he big boy like my big daddy big chungus
Popcorn Dog 1-05
Jumping all over the place jump of couch crazy style
Legend Dog 29-04
I named my dog legend becaue hes black and badass
Zachary Dog 29-04
Human names for pets are really cute!
Cena Bird 28-04
Named it after John Cena
Kevin Dog 28-04
Named it after a sports player named Kevin De Bruyne
Gryffin Dog 26-04
His name is Gryffin for Gryffindor from Harry Potter because why the hell not
He's loud as shit but he's a good boy
He's also part pitbull so you gotta watch the fuck out
He has a shit ton of energy
Bryantnem Rabbit 26-04

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Randy Dog 24-04
got the idea from a book
Luna Dog 22-04
I came up. With. This. Name in the Space
Cielo Dog 22-04
I came up with this name on tv show
Just Cat 22-04
I came up with the name from my pet characters towards her kittens.she is just and fair when breastfeeding.
Pitas Dog 21-04
he is a ceebratity
Rocky Dog 20-04
he is brave and strong
Bozo Other animal 18-04
i love elephants
Ekerk 18-04
Floodseye Other animal 18-04
Issa dragon what else
Jimmy Fish 17-04
he smokes weed
Rocco Dog 15-04
Son's dog and he wanted a tough name to go with his cute, fluffy dog.
Zazu Dog 15-04
Name of a Disney character in Lion King movie. Our children named Zazu b/c of this. Their very first dog was named, Nala, for the very same reason.
Potato Other animal 12-04
Simba Cat 12-04
Simba is a a small chocolate brown Burmese cat
Rebel Dog 12-04
rebel is a king Charles cavalier who is black and white with orange eyebrows.
Binx Cat 11-04
Derived from Star Wars 'Jar Jar Binx'. She & him have the same walk.
Gingy Cat 11-04
From the movie Shreck. Same color & attitude.
Binx Cat 11-04
Derived from Star Wars 'Jar Jar Binx'. She & him have the same walk.
Mouzer Cat 11-04
Derived from 'Mou Mou'
Pipis.longst Cat 11-04
Altered it from the movie Pippi Longstocking.
Kasmeer Cat 11-04
Guild Wars 2 Character
Rox Cat 11-04
Guild Wars 2 character
Afum Dog 11-04
Afum persevered in his security work at home all day and night.
Afum Dog 11-04
Afum persevered in his security work at home all day and night.
Bob Cant Fix Other animal 10-04
UWU im gay OWQ
Luna Cat 10-04
Crush Other animal 10-04
Bron to be an effective boy
Crush Other animal 10-04
Bron to be an effective boy
Dino Dog 9-04
My sister wanted to name him Dinosaur, and my other sister wanted to name him rose, so my mom just called him Dino Rose.
Regina Dog 9-04
She came with the name when we got her from the pound. It fit her, so we kept it.
Rosita Cat 9-04
it's funny 'cause she's orange/red
Bitch Dog 9-04
She’s a fat piece of shit.
Milo Rabbit 9-04
he's the opposite of manly. super weak and is best at running away
Cookie Rabbit 9-04
one time, she bit a part of my flesh off
Charlie Fish 8-04
He's very charming!
Megan Dog 8-04
I love the name!
Autisim Man Fish 8-04
Pretty much retarted
Bitch Dog 8-04
He’s a piece of shit and I want to get rid of him because all he does is sit on his fat ass and bark at trees.
Potato Bird 8-04
potato is the greatest name ever.
Sparky Cat 4-04
Sparky - quick as lightning
Albert Dog 4-04
Famous scientist
Lexie Dog 2-04
We named her after Alexandra ‚Lexie‘ Grey from Greys Anatomy.
Lexie is an short name, and you have so many options for nicknames!
Nigga Other animal 2-04
my friends always say it to each other
Ron Percius Fish 31-03
Named after the famous redhead and Percy Jackson.
Bubbles Fish 31-03
He blows the cutest bubbles ever and it is an amazing name for a fish!
Rose Fish 31-03
I chose Rose because she has cute rosy skin.
Silver Horse 31-03
I picked this name because when I saw the horse the name just came in my mind and I was like I need to name this horse Silver it fits so well so that's why I named her that.
Skittle Dog 31-03
I came up with this name because since he is such a big dog and looks like he would bite your face off he is really nice and cuddly so to fit that big cuddly body I gave him a big cuddly name.
Yeet Other animal 30-03
Big Chungus Rabbit 30-03
he thicc
Moto Moto Other animal 30-03
he's biggggg and chunkyyyy! he's MOTO MOTO!
Rhett Dog 28-03
rhett is red and white which reminded us of "red" since his black and white brother was given the name Rhett Butler was the male character in GWTW
Roddy Dog 27-03
He is a rottweiler mixed with golden retriever so he is so nice and friendly. But he is dead so it is sad. he was 15-16 years old. we named him that because it was just cute and it is kind of the same as his breed name.
Slash Dog 27-03
I came up with the name while I was brutally beating my kids with a whip. While they were severely bleeding I realized I could buy myself a pitbull to help me torture them. Because I was slashing my kids with the whip I thought of the name "Slash."
Me Other animal 27-03
Ur mum gay
Chauncey Dog 27-03
I didn't. My parents did.
Cat Cat 26-03
I starting using them since I was a little boy and until I grown up viv mean love .
Max Dog 26-03
My cockateel's name was Max,
Rocky Dog 25-03
We used to have a pitbull named Rocky, but after he became a hazard to us, we got a new dog and named him after Rocky.
Unass Insect 25-03
Cohen Dog 22-03
We got him from someone that already named him.
Lucy Dog 20-03
Don’t remember
Maine Dog 20-03
Because my dog is so cute
Sparton Dog 18-03
I thought of the name because it is cute.
Mostafizurra Bird 18-03
Sam Dog 17-03
Sam is a Swiss White Shepherd
Princess Dog 16-03
I came up with the name when my mom got me the dog I was like "that's a princess.