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00:58🐶 Molly
18-01🐾 Anueldy
18-01🐶 Newa
18-01🐶 Lola
18-01😺 Rayne
18-01🐰 Fluffy
18-01🐶 Maxwell&From the song title.
17-01😺 Theo
16-01🐶 Cocoa
16-01🐾 Noar
16-01🐶 Divahowl and talk all the time
15-01🐶 Ollie
15-01🐶 Lulu
15-01🐶 RudieHis name was inspired by The Clash song "Rudie Can't Fail".
14-01😺 Muis
14-01🐹 Minneolashes orange and white
14-01🐶 Jessie
14-01🐾 Jessie
14-01🐶 Snow
13-01🐶 Luisie
13-01🐶 Mr.westI just thought that it was cool
13-01🐊 Pixel
13-01🐶 ColeI called him Coley Woley. It really suited him.
13-01🐶 OliverI loved the movie Oliver and Company. I also adore the nick-name, 'Ollie.' He loves it too. And I sing him the "You and Me Together" lullaby from Oliver and Company.
13-01🐦 Valiant
12-01😺 SylvesteBased on Tweety's friend
12-01😺 SiriusBased on Sirius Black
12-01🐠 Nehal
12-01🐠 Nehal
12-01🐠 Nehal
12-01🐠 Nehal
12-01🐠 Nehal
12-01🐠 Nehal
11-01😺 Max
11-01🐠 Lulu
11-01🐠 Lulu
11-01🐠 Lulu
11-01🐠 Lulu
11-01😺 Max
11-01😺 Amy
11-01🐾 Parrot
10-01🐶 Moose
9-01🐾 Minajul
9-01😺 BootsHe's an orange tabby with a white chest, chin, belly, tail tip + lighter tail rings, and (of course) white paws that would be considered about ankle height, if you think cats have ankles. Also, he's chaotic (since he used to be wild) and a bit of a prick.
9-01🐶 RosieRosebud is her original name, adopted around the release of and named after one of the Airbuddies.
Also, she's a mixbreed, but she's partially Lhasa Apso, and part some big terrier that we can't even try to identify. Also, she's less tan and more cream. Like, light cream, mocha colored.
Even though terriers and Lhasas tend to be small, she's bigger than you would expect (bigger than a Beagle, probably not bigger than a Collie).
Good luck with the new website!
8-01🐰 S
8-01🐍 W
8-01🐰 B
8-01🐰 M
8-01🐾 .
8-01🐶 Kaia
8-01🐶 Aspen
8-01😺 Micah
8-01🐶 Roman
8-01😺 Achilles
8-01🐾 Sita
8-01🐾 Nick
8-01🐶 Baxter
7-01🐶 Lou
7-01😺 Hazel
7-01🐶 Amari
7-01😺 HappyHe was an ugly rat basatard when he was born, so i named him happy.
7-01🐶 FifiI was young.
7-01🐾 RaisinThe first shell Raisin came in was brown/reddish and bumpy, and he was really into eating raisins, so now I have a little Hermit Crab Raisin.
6-01🐶 Zorro
6-01🐾 অা
6-01😺 অাঅর্থ
6-01😺 আদআদিয়ান অর্থ
6-01😺 আদ
6-01🐾 Cat
6-01😺 KockaMy partner is Czech
5-01🐶 MistyCharacter from Pokémon
5-01😺 Roco
5-01🐾 NeryHe came with his own name
5-01🐾 ಪಿ
5-01🐶 PlinyRoman author, naturalist and natural philosopher, 23 to 79 AD and a Really Good Beer.
4-01🐶 Smidge
4-01🐶 LuccaShort and cute!
4-01🐶 DamienMy father give me this name so that is have i came up with the name
4-01😺 BagheeraThe panther in “The Jungle Book” is also called Bagheera. Since our cat was black, as a panther, we thought the name would fit
4-01🐶 Nala
3-01😺 Luke
3-01😺 SnickersSnickers as in the laugh not the candy.
3-01🐶 Tessa
3-01🐠 Berry
2-01🐾 No Pet
2-01🐶 Zady
2-01🐦 ArchimedBoth for the Greek mathematician and TF2 Medic's dove of the same name.
2-01🐦 ChopperHe sounds like a helicopter (a chopper, if you will) when he flies or beats his wings.
2-01🐶 HonoviIt's Native American for strong.
31-12😺 StorehNamed after astronaut
31-12🐶 Jessica
31-12🐀 Catনামটি আমার খুব পছন্দ তাই
31-12🐶 Sir Doug
30-12🐹 Noelia
30-12🐶 Mia
29-12🐶 Hashan
29-12🐠 FaithMy parents didn't think that I could keep a pet. I told them that they should have more faith in me. Hence the the name ," Faith"
28-12😺 KaleiI was looking for a fitting name for my cat. Then i found a name on a website.

It's an hawaiian name with the meaning: The flower wreath; The beloved.

Actually suits her quite nice.

P.S. she´s actually an European Shorthair, but that option was not avaible.
28-12😺 Mimihe just looked like someone that would suit this name