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Terra (Dog and Cat name)

Terra is a name used for dogs, cats and birds. The name Terra is popular for male pets. Often Terra has the colors brown or white. Looking for a different best name for your pet? Terra might be the perfect name!
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Gender:Female - 10 votes
Which animal:Dog - 9 votes
Cat - 4 votes
Bird - 1 votes
Color:Brown - 4 votes
White - 2 votes
White & tan(light brown) - 2 votes
Black & grey - 1 votes
Tan(light brown) - 1 votes
Size:Medium - 8 votes
Small - 2 votes
Big - 1 votes
Nationality:Norway - 3 votes
the Netherlands(Holland) - 2 votes
Argentina - 1 votes
This name is:different - 1 votes
best - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Téodor, Touro, Terrier, Tororo, Thierry, Tódor, Thór, Toerie
Similar sound girls:Tara, Tree, Turşu, Thuraya, Torh, Trh, Ture, Tari

Comments about Terra

🐦 Terra 2019-02-26
This was the name if the smartest chicken I ever had..unfortunately, she passed last year