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Salt (Rabbit and Dog name)

Salt is a name used for rabbits, dogs and guinea pigs. The name Salt is popular for female pets. Often Salt has the colors white or black & white. Looking for a nice badass name for your pet? Salt might be the perfect name!
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Gender:Male - 1 votes
Female - 1 votes
Which animal:Rabbit - 2 votes
Dog - 2 votes
Guinea pig - 2 votes
Mouse - 1 votes
Color:White - 2 votes
Black & white - 2 votes
Black & tan(light brown) - 2 votes
Size:Big - 2 votes
Medium - 2 votes
Small - 1 votes
Nationality:Norway - 3 votes
the Netherlands(Holland) - 1 votes
United States(America) - 1 votes
This name is:nice - 1 votes
badass - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Sultão, Slade, Shaldu, Šulda, Salát, Solito, Skelte, Skilde
Similar sound girls:Selda, Sheltie, Slutye, Slaidy, Saláta, Soledad, Salat, Silde
Categories:Popular rabbit names

Comments about Salt

🐭 Salt 2017-10-09
He's black and white, I couldn't name him Pepper because that seemed a little feminine, so Salt it is!