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Rosie (Dog and Cat name)

Rosie is a name used for dogs, cats and other animals. The name Rosie is popular for male pets. Often Rosie has the colors black or white. Looking for a cute best name for your pet? Rosie might be the perfect name!
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Gender:Female - 20 votes
Which animal:Dog - 14 votes
Cat - 8 votes
Other animal - 2 votes
Guinea pig - 1 votes
Bird - 1 votes
Horse - 1 votes
Rabbit - 1 votes
Color:Black - 4 votes
White - 3 votes
Tan(light brown) - 3 votes
Orange - 3 votes
Other color - 3 votes
Size:Medium - 15 votes
Small - 6 votes
Big - 3 votes
Nationality:United States(America) - 5 votes
Canada - 3 votes
Norway - 3 votes
This name is:cute - 8 votes
best - 2 votes
large - 1 votes
royal - 1 votes
good - 1 votes
nice - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Rauki, Ruski, Rūcis, Reese, Rash, Rask, Risi, Rouky
Similar sound girls:Rouki, Rusko, Rejsi, Rugó, Raija, Raiku, Rosè, Rijii
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Comments about Rosie

🐾 Rosie 2017-04-19
A Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula, Rosie was a rather lazy name but it works.
🐶 Rosie 2017-11-01
I got Rosie for Christmas and said a random name that came to mind before listing and everyone said yes to that name so...
🐶 Rosie 2018-01-09
Rosebud is her original name, adopted around the release of and named after one of the Airbuddies.
Also, she's a mixbreed, but she's partially Lhasa Apso, and part some big terrier that we can't even try to identify. Also, she's less tan and more cream. Like, light cream, mocha colored.
Even though terriers and Lhasas tend to be small, she's bigger than you would expect (bigger than a Beagle, probably not bigger than a Collie).
Good luck with the new website!