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Puppy (Dog and Cat name)

Puppy is a name used for dogs, cats and other animals. The name Puppy is popular for male pets. Often Puppy has the colors white or other color. Looking for a cute celebrity name for your pet? Puppy might be the perfect name!
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Gender:Male - 46 votes
Female - 34 votes
Which animal:Dog - 81 votes
Cat - 9 votes
Other animal - 6 votes
Hamster - 1 votes
Rabbit - 1 votes
Bird - 1 votes
Color:White - 31 votes
Other color - 13 votes
Brown - 12 votes
Black - 10 votes
Black & white - 7 votes
Size:Medium - 52 votes
Small - 37 votes
Big - 6 votes
Nationality:Philippines - 14 votes
United States(America) - 11 votes
India - 9 votes
This name is:cute - 5 votes
celebrity - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Pof, Poopoo, Paiva, Popoi, Paye, Papoe, Pfaffi, Popye
Similar sound girls:Poupee, Phoebie, Phiu, Papiya, Popiş, Piu-Piu, Pio-Pio, Pí Pô
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Comments about Puppy

🐶 Puppy 2017-09-30
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🐶 Puppy 2017-09-30
Puppy I love you all..
🐶 Puppy 2017-09-30
All puppies complain a little, some a LOT. Tips & advice that will help you to keep your puppy quieter and calmer.