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Ginger (Cat and Dog name)

Ginger is a name used for cats, dogs and guinea pigs. The name Ginger is popular for female pets. Often Ginger has the colors orange or other color. Looking for a cute popular name for your pet? Ginger might be the perfect name!
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Gender:Female - 56 votes
Male - 24 votes
Which animal:Cat - 43 votes
Dog - 41 votes
Guinea pig - 5 votes
Fish - 3 votes
Rabbit - 3 votes
Bird - 2 votes
Horse - 2 votes
Other animal - 1 votes
Hamster - 1 votes
Color:Orange - 22 votes
Other color - 14 votes
Black & white - 10 votes
White & brown - 8 votes
Brown - 8 votes
Size:Medium - 49 votes
Small - 24 votes
Big - 13 votes
Nationality:the Netherlands(Holland) - 17 votes
United States(America) - 10 votes
Belgium - 4 votes
This name is:cute - 4 votes
popular - 2 votes
unique - 1 votes
nice - 1 votes
brown - 1 votes
different - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Genger, Gunasekar, Ginger.
Similar sound girls:Gumicukor, Ghanashree
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Comments about Ginger

🐶 Ginger 2017-01-25
Gingersnap is the real name ginger is the nickname
😺 Ginger 2017-05-10
She is ginger colored, so I named her Ginger
🐶 Ginger 2017-12-11
For the color: My dog is mostly white, and he has apricot color on his paws and ears.
😺 Ginger 2018-02-28
Ginger is my oldest cat of an unknown breed. She is orange and white, named the best friend I had at the time I rescued her (a redheaded kid named Joe, that we called Ginger Joe). It's a nice, simple name that is also very fitting. When I think 'Ginger', I think of a young, redheaded lady that is sweet and quiet, and my kitty definitely grew into her name as her personality developed. If she was a cat that I didn't know and had just met for the first time, I would think Ginger would be the perfect name for her.
🐹 Ginger 2018-07-10