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Bean (Dog and Cat name)

Bean is a name used for dogs, cats and other animals. The name Bean is popular for male pets. Often Bean has the colors white or orange.
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Gender:Male - 7 votes
Female - 1 votes
Which animal:Dog - 5 votes
Cat - 2 votes
Other animal - 1 votes
Bird - 1 votes
Reptile - 1 votes
Color:White - 2 votes
Orange - 1 votes
White & grey - 1 votes
Tan(light brown) - 1 votes
Brown - 1 votes
Size:Medium - 3 votes
Small - 3 votes
Big - 2 votes
Nationality:Việt Nam - 5 votes
Vietnam - 1 votes
Canada - 1 votes
This name is:best - 1 votes
Similar sound boys:Benio, Binho, Bihan, Bibin, Bonó, Bảo Nhi, Bwon, Boim
Similar sound girls:Beany, Bé Mimi, Bé Bun, Bobani, Bé Miew, Bi Bun, Bumy, Bumie

Comments about Bean

🐾 Bean 2017-05-02
He (I think it's a he, I never can tell) is a crayfish. Just sayin'. And I came up with the name because all of my past crayfishes (is that the plural?) had been named after food (Miso, Tomato, Potato), so I named him Bean because he's really jumpy and skittish (jumping bean) and because the color matched and because I felt like it. That's it.

(My name) out! Peace!